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Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento, CA

1200 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA 95825
20137 years in business
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Trisha L.
We were outside calling around for a good hour or so, getting quotes from other locksmiths and all that good stuff. Yeah, they'd quote the base price but then they'd call back and say, base price PLUS labor, PLUS the travel. We're not even far from these other locations either. Lol! Anyway, found these guys on google, saw they had a good rating gave them a call. We got quoted $29.00 plus labor. We hesitated. But I told my friend to just get her car open. Ha! So we went with it. These guys were here in less than 15 minutes. First thing we asked was, "what would the total be?" They said, "depends on how quick we can get it open." They had it open in less than 10 minutes. Keys in hand and left with a total of $40. Now THAT is for sure a LOW RATE LOCKSMITH! They were courteous, friendly and quick. Mind you, we are not cheap, it's just all we had on hand at that very moment. So we weren't able to pay anything higher than $45. We gave them the full $45. If you're in the Sacramento area needing a locksmith, go with these guys. I'm not saying everyone is going to get away with paying $40, it might also depend on the kind of car and locks. My friends and I highly recommend them. Thanks, guys! We're not freezing anymore. Ha!
Cole J.
The service was fast, the locksmith is a really cool guy and the rate was definitely The lowest I could find in my area. If I ever have a problem again which I hope I don't I'm definitely calling them back
Jen V.
What a ridiculous business. My 19 year old locked herself out of a fairly simple bedroom door lock. They told her it would be a $29 service fee, but they couldn't give her an idea of the labor cost until they saw it, but they wouldn't do any work until they have her a quote. They wanted $188 total for 5-10 minutes of work. I quickly called another locksmith who gave me a total cost quote over the phone of $90 total. I let them know if they can do it for the same, fine, if not we'd call the other locksmith. They then wanted to charge $29 just for coming out there, even though they hadn't told my daughter the service fee would be due no matter what. They tried to then charge her $105. I said since they hadn't told my daughter the service fee was due no matter what, that again they can either leave with nothing, or match the other locksmith price. They finally agreed to match the price because that's literally all the had. They should better explain fees and be willing to give a ballpark over the phone. They seem to want ya take advantage by already being on site before giving any idea of cost. We won't be using them ever again. I don't like businesses that try to bait and take advantage.
Echosaisis C.
"LOW RATE" should mean "Low Yelp Rating". It saddens me that I have to write this review. My car's FOB key stopped working and it was time for it to be replaced. After lots of research online of what was causing my car not to start (even when inserting the 'manual' key into the ignition to turn it), I decided to call this locksmith. Well, idk about "low rate" , at least when it comes to the pricing. I told the person on the phone exactly what was happening and he said it starts at $120. The locksmith arrived, hardly friendly at all and told me straight away that for one key it will cost $130. Later when he found out I have another FOB key (that also needed re-programming) he said he could do the additional key for an extra $100 on top of the $130. Well, I didn't need the second key done right away, so I decided I'll wait until the next pay period comes around. When he charged me he decided $140 instead of the $130 (was it because I said I didn't need the second key done? He quoted me $130 before he ever knew I had a second key) I knocked off stars for that. I really didn't like that at all, and I notice now that there are several other reviews on here from folks who were told one price, then found out it would be another. I would not recommend them again because I was told two different prices, before being charged a final more expensive third price for the exact same job they said they would be doing.
Susan M.
The tech that came out to make the key did not have much experience. He told me I may have a flash flood key. I assured him that I had a programmed key. I was not impressed by the price but they did go lower. They wanted to charge me $260 for a 2002. But I told them I got it for and they went down to $150. Then for some reason the tech could not program the key. He said it was a flash flood key and he couldn't make it. I called another mobile service and had no problem. They made it right away.
David L.
My brother recommended them based on using them about a year ago. I lost my car key and needed a new one made. I called the dealer before calling a locksmith but the dealer price was way too high and I had to tow the car there to program they key. I called and asked for Ray. i explained to him what happened and he was very helpful over the phone explaining the process. He came out to where i was and made the key and programmed for half of the price of the dealership. Thank you Ray
Cathy J.
Both Ray and Mike are honest and knowledgeable. Their service they provided was great and they confirmed the appointment before they arrived and get here on time as well. Showed up in their work van rekeys my new home and added couple of locks as well for more security. Price was great considering it was after hours and weekend. Thank you thank you
Prashant J.
I called couple of people for quote on my making my a key to my car after I have lost it the night before. Low Rate Locksmith was the one i asked to come out based on the way they have answered my questions and they were able to come and provide a key with remote ( other people they were not able to provide the key fob with it). Ray came out and was on time and cut the key then programmed it in less than 15 min. That impressive. He was very knowledgeable and willing to explain everything to me and answer my 100 questions. I ask a lot of quotations THank you again Ray and Low Rate Locksmith. You saved me the time and effort
Bret B.
This company quoted me $120 to come out and make a key. The tech came out and decided that he wanted to charge me $29 just to drive there and $50 to open the door. When I protested he said that was just the way it is. Suddenly $79 became $89 and I gave him $90 and he did not give me change. Then he demanded $120 to start servicing my lockout. I told him I didn't have enough money and he grabbed $90 out of my hands like he was some kid in a candy store. Eventually he got me a key but I called the company and they told me that all of that should've been included. And then they told me they needed his side of the story and asked me to contact the tech to get my money back that was taken wrongfully. Avoid this company as they are thieves and they will steal from you in your moment of despair. The 5 star reviews were either another tech or fake.
Ana A.
Terrible service. The woman I spoke to on the phone told me it was going to be $120 total for the new key. When the technician got there he told me has to buy a code for $60 from the car manufacturer in order to make the new key. Ok sure whatever. But then he told me the total was $280 and when I asked him about this math he told me the rates started at $120. The woman on the phone told me it was $120 total. I'm extremely furious. The technician told me it was going to be 5-10 minutes to fix and it took over 2 hours. He also asked me if I smoked which I replied that I didn't and then he lit up a cigarette. Then once he was was done he told me he didn't even need the $60 code because he took out my door lock and ignition. The door lock is now scraped and actually fell off.
Aleishia W.
Lowrate Lock smith provided me with great services. He came out and got the job done quickly. And he charged me a greattttt low price compared to AC LOCK SMITH. I would definitely recommend Low Rate Locksmith company. Thank you so much Ray!!!
Josie F.
Just break your window or doorknob to get into wherever you need. These people are scammers and are getting reported to the BBB for trying to pull their usual crap, also for trespassing on my property and threatening me (100lb, 20yo female) with a hammer when he realized he wasn't getting any money. Had to call the cops to get rid of the clown they sent - Alan.
Lulu Z.
They told me it would cost $29 plus labor to unlock my car door and labor generally costs 35 dollars. When the lock man came, he charged me $200. The entire process took him less than 5 minutes. My car door was very very simple. I do not understand why so many people would say this company's price is reasonable. Maybe all other customers are rich billionaires. They said the lock man would arrive within 30 minutes but I waited TWO hours. In addition, they said I would be able to pay by credit cards or debit cards but the lock man refused to take anything but cash. I had to walk in the dark to withdraw so much money. I do not understand why this company would lie to its customer. When I called back to the company to ask about the price, the woman who answered the call said: "We already got our money so we do not care. If you are not satisfied, go fuck yourself." Given how much they lied over the phone to me, I am pretty sure all positive five-star reviews are fraud reviews posted by the company. If you are ever locked out of a car or a house, DO NOT PANIC! DO Not let any lock man take advantage of your urgent need to get your thing unlocked. Stay calm and make sure you are clear on how much you need to pay. Here's a link to buy yourself toolkit that you can use to unlock your car by yourself: https://www.amazon.com/Lockout-Kits/b?ie=UTF8&node=15708701 Stay calm and stand up for yourself when you are ripped off, and remember that being locked out is not a disaster. There's no need to burn your money to pay a shitty company like this. If you are ever ripped off by this company and charged by your cards, you can always dispute the charge with your bank. In a nutshell, getting locked out of the car is not the end of the world, so please do not let this company take advantage of you.
James C.
We waited for over an hour and they never showed up. After calling back a couple times they said they couldn't service my specific car but they never were going to call me and let me know. Now it's too late to pick another company and my car is stuck overnight. They took my phone number three times.
Ilaria C.
If there's an option to give ZERO stars I would. I called the day prior to the receptionist telling her we are shopping for quotes. She told me that they have to come out to give a quote and there was a fee and labor charge just to come out I told her if that's the case, we are not interested and we are not going to pay for a quote because we are looking at other options too. She said okay, and I was very clear with her that if she sends someone out to us, I only want quote with no obligation to have the job done or pay for the quote. Next day the technician shows up and gives us a quote. I thank him and said we will get back to him soon. He then went ahead and wanted to charge me to have him come to us for a few minutes to look at the locks and gives us a quote. I told him no, I had an agreement prior to him coming out to us with their reception. He leaves then someone else from this company calls and says they are not in the business of doing work for free. I told him, we are not trying to get work for free. All I wanted was a quote, I said to their receptionist too if there's a charge for a quote we are not interested. Also who pays for a quote anyways? They say they are not in the business for doing work for free, more like they are in the business of spamming, lying and stealing. There's so many better locksmiths out there, save yourself the trouble and avoid this place like a plague.
Shannon B.
Won't Show Up! I "hired" this company to meet me at my car at 6 pm. I received a call from the company at 5 pm confirming my appointment, and was told that the technician would be calling me soon and to stay by my phone. I did, but never heard from the technician. At 6 pm, nobody had arrived to complete the work. I called at 6:10, and was told the technician would be there shortly. At 6:25 I called again, and let the receptionist know I was waiting in triple digit heat and that nobody had arrived. She assured me that the technician would be calling me immediately.... nope! At 6:35 I called for a third time, and was told that the technician really should have called me by now (duh) and would be there soon. I gave them a final phone call at 6:45, when I was transferred to management. Management informed me that the technician was still shopping for the correct key and that my total would be $399. Are you freaking kidding me? Never was it acknowledged by the manager that I had been kept waiting for 45 minutes past my appointment time, or that this technician was failing to complete their job duties by not returning a single one of the phone calls. No apology, no discount was offered, nothing. When I kindly told the manager I would be taking my business elsewhere, he said "okay" and disconnected the call. It is clear to me that this company does not care to maintain a good reputation as they have zero customer service skills and clearly do not respect the time or money of their patrons.
Ashley C.
WAY OVERPRICED! They told me 20-30 mins, they showed up after nearly 50 mins. The guy showed up in basketball shorts, driving a small black compact car with all tinted windows....no professionalism whatsoever. I was quoted $30 + labor. Took him under 5 mins to get the door unlocked for me. I was charged $150!!!! I asked him why it was so high, he said because it's Saturday and that he has to insure himself in case he damages my vehicle trying to get it unlocked. $150 is ASTRONOMICAL to come out and spend 3.5 mins to unlock my car for me. DO NOT USE THIS PLACE. Wish I would have read the reviews beforehand.
Marshal W.
I googled 24 hour locksmith Folsom ca. This company was the first available and had an address on their website located in Folsom. I believe this to be a lie because there is multiple addresses. I called the number provided on the website and I was told they were going to dispatch someone and it would take 20-30 minutes until someone arrived. 35 minutes later I was called and told " ok I am driving to your house it will be 15-20 minutes and $29". 25 minutes later a guy arrives, I made the original phone call at 6:55 it's now 8:05 pm. An hour and 10 minutes later. The guy says verbatim " $29 to show up and $169 to open the door and 10% off if I pay cash" ??? I had my 6 year old son and wife with me so I had no choice but to do it by this time. A serious scam. I am going to hire someone to look into this further. We were all very upset at the hole situation. I was lied to from the very beginning. This company seems to have multiple phone numbers and multiple pages on yelp and google. Do not hire this company.
Kayla T.
So unprofessional, we called them to unlock a vehicle with a dog locked inside. Clearly important, so after an hour of waiting we called off the company to tell them we'd be calling AAA. They said okay and ended the phone call, after AAA arrived the locksmith showed up and VERY VERY AGRESSIVELY went after the lady who needed service, our security had to come out and block him from touching her. He was so worked up screaming and yelling that we had to call the police to handle the matter. Then they called his supervisor to complain and he hung up on them then left before the cops arrived which is a felony to flea an active scene. Horrible, will never use again. Save your money and literally go anywhere else.
Shatesha M.
DO NOT UTILIZE THIS SERVICE. Was quoted a completely different price than what I had to pay--and was OVERPRICED! The technician tried to give my credit card number to someone (did not mention who they were or if they were from the same company) over the phone! When I told him that I did not feel comfortable with him using my card over the phone, without a secure processor, he stated that all customers do it that way, and that's how the company is. I said that I would not pay if they did not use a secure payment processor. He then called a woman on the phone and she threatened me about paying the $29 service fee, even if the service wasn't performed (I told him to stop when he tried to read someone my credit card numbers over the phone). She said that if I did not pay a "lean" would be put on my vehicle...total bullshit. Then the technician went to his car and got a secure square magstripe and had me swipe my card there. He said it was his personal strip so he would have to pay the company. However, when I received the emailed receipt from the square reader, it said the company name!! THIS PLACE IS A SCAM. Now I am hoping I wont be another victim of credit card fraud. Do not trust this company.
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Stockton Lock & Key Stockton, CA

540 N El Dorado
Stockton, CA 95202
200416 years in business
Open Now
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Nell A.
Bad customer service, I called at 5 and requested a new key to be made for my car. The technician said he could come between 6 and 6:30, and to just send my registration and address to him so he can get the key code. I waited until 6 to confirm if he was still coming, I called several times and texted. He did not respond. I called and texted again at 6:30 and he has not responded to my call. A call back would be nice, read the reviews. Dont so business with this company unless you want to waste your time.
Bob G.
"Tech" arrived in unmarked van with no name badge wearing shorts & T shirt.He couldn't fix my car ignition issue so he called his "boss". 30 minutes later his "boss" arrived but couldn't fix the ignition either. The rude "tech" demanded 150.00 for the "service call", even though they didn't fix my problem and offered no solution. Earlier he had said he would "wave" the service fee if I gave a good review on Yelp. Just all around a horrible experience. BTW, I used "local.LocksmithDirectory.com to locate a locksmith and this is what they sent??? Finally, the tech swore at me and called me white trash. I DO NOT recommend using this locksmith service!
Arturo M.
This isn't a fake review from a competitor. I called a couple weeks back just to give them a chance since they have terrible reviews on Yelp. Whether true or not, I'm the type of person to give the benefit of the doubt. So I called at around noon and they told me they were busy and would call back in a few hours. That's understandable. We set up an appointment and all went well. A week later, someone broke that same lock that they replaced. They didn't get through so I take that as a good sign. Hence, I called for their services again. I called at around 1 pm this time and they said they would call me back and be here shortly. They called me at 4:17 and said they could not make it today. They promised to call me back tomorrow morning to set up the appointment. I didn't receive the call till later. They're friendly people. I would recommend to businesses in the area.
Greg D.
Do not use this place. I waited 4 hours only for them to tell me they are not coming out because I called other companies. This is a sad excuse for a business.
Charla S.
Wow!!! Stockton Lock & Key is an amazing locksmith company to work with. I was really amazed with their service delivery which was very fast and efficient, they rendered a mouth watering service which I will highly recommend any day and any time. For all lock related services, Stockton Lock & Key is the go-to company.
Deanna D.
I called this company today at 3:15pm to have a key made for my son's car (he lost his keys). They said they could come out in 30-40 minutes. I went to the place where my son had his car and waited.... 4:30pm, I called and they said that he was delayed at a job but he was finishing up and would be there shortly. At 4:52pm I called again and the guy said he would have tech. call me with ETA. At 4:53 tech calls me and said he was finishing up and sorry, his job was taking longer than usual. At 5:48 I call tech...no answer. At 6:14 owner says Tech was on his way and they would give me a very good price for my inconvenience. At 7:18 no answer from tech or owner. At 7:25pm I get a TEXT from the Tech saying "Not going to make it. He has an emergency". WTH!! 7:45 the owner is still not answering phone. Funny, it's a 24/7 company!! So I waited for over 4 hours and they still did not come out. PLEASE, do not use this company. They do not care about their customer's.
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Tracy Lock & Key Tracy, CA

950 E 6th St
Tracy, CA 95376
200812 years in business
Open Now
Monday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Tuesday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Wednesday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Friday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Saturday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Sunday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Business will be closed in 13 hours 22 minutes
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Daniel W.
This is the worst business ever!! The locksmith wouldn't give me the keys after he installed the locks! I had to call the police to get the keys!! This locksmith threw my keys outside my house! Anyone could have picked them up!!! I want to give this business "0" stars - but there wasn't an option for 0 stars!!!
Kaila O.
I regret calling these people. And if i have known any better i would have search around. But I really didn't have the opportunity because before agreeing on the services the technician was already on his way. Mind you i only gave my address to get a better quote. Opening the car took less than 3 minutes. I asked for the price and was told it was going to cost me 200 dollars. Like many of you i was told 35 plus 14 for service. I refused to pay. The technician use words like "stop being so difficult" "you have a really nice house" she must be tight with money. When speaking to his manager. Very unprofessional and honestly left me feeling worried. When i called the dispatcher about the situation he mentioned that he did not know who went over to my house. Now this is where things get weird. I spoke to the "manager" who then said he wasn't the manager to tell me that it was up to his technician that makes the decision of the price. While the technician tells me that its up to his manager. At this point I told them to take 100 dollars or leave it. very frustrating experience, and will continue calling until this issue is resolved!
Isabelle L.
If I could rate them with less then one start, I would. We bought a new home-based and requested them 3 days in advance for a lock change. They called midday to reschedule the time, and we accepted a later time. However, it was evident at 8pm they were not going to show up, call us, or even answer our call. They are clearly unprofessional. For just a little bit more, there are many options in the area and they will actually service your home.
Cody C.
Horrible company, I called on 07-06-2016 at 11am to get a rekey for my car, got a called back in about 20mins guy on the phone said he would be by to rekey my car by 5pm. I waited until 530pm to call them to make sure someone was still coming by. Guy then tells me he will be another hour and wouldnt quote me a price over the phone for any service just said if he shows up its a 30 dollar service charge even if i decide to decline any services. I wait a full hour and and still nobody shows up. I got my brother to drive me into town to their so called "office " drove to their address displayed on thier website 1849 W 11th St Tracy, CA THIS ADDRESS DOES NOT EXIST. if you put it into your gps it takes you to the safeway shopping center in Tracy and tells you thier bussiness is next to Jules Veterinary. Total sham. Long story short i waited from 11am to 9pm for someone to show up called multiple times. Ended up calling another locksmith company.
Yossi R.
Sweeeet, would like to share with you guys that it was a really great experience this morning. I got stuck out of my car and the technician Johnny from Tracy Lock & Key came after 15 mins as they promised over the phone. Basically he save me a lot of money cause another company told me it's gonna cost double cause we need to change the all ignition but lucky me Johnny just fix it and now everything works just fine. Cool mate, thank you guys!!! Jos
Gen R.
DO not use this company. I repeat do not use this company. Very unprofessional! Also, not to mention they lie about their prices & I think every number online leads to the same representative and each time he answered he was a complete a* hole. As a smart consumer I always shop around and get different prices unfortunately for me Tracy, CA sucks as far as options go. I called several numbers and the same guy kept answering and he kept changing his price. So to call him out on his bs I told him his website said $35.00 while he was quoting me $250.00. And he was still full of S@&$ . If I could I would put 0 stars but I HAVE to put at least one. Finally, I WOULD NOT trust a person to come into my home after being treated with so much disrespect. Btw: I ended up unlocking the door by myself with a card. (saved myself $250.00 and he lost around $50.00 so whos the loser tracy lock and key?). If anyone needs to know how to do that in the tracy area. Let me know and i'll tell you so you don't have to use this piece of poop to help you.
Lisette V.
This company is very unprofessional I called they said they would be 20-30 min 45 min passed I called and they said they were 5 min away. Another 15 passed they said there car over heated. When I would call they would forward my calls or turn there phones off. This place doesn't deserve any service. At least be professional enough to call your customers and let them know what's going on.
Jessica D.
I worked for picksquad nation wide lead services which has a billion different names for the same business. The owner shai aka sean has an uncountable number of websites with different locksmith adds nationwide. Each page has a different number on it which when you called would go to me. I would answer the calls take down your address number and name give you the quote of 14 for service fee and 35 to fix a lock unless it was a car then te.minimum would be 120.00. I started noticeing things werent right when i would get calls from clients saying that they had an appointment but no one was there. I snet the techs the message so many times how could they not know.. then i got calls from customers claiming our tech charged them 200 dollars to unlock their front door. The quote i gave the womans husband was 35.00. She said the tech wrote down the phone number to that office. Sketchy! Not only do they lie and rip off their customers but they lie and rip off their dispatchers. They called one day asking for my info so they could fill out my w 2 form. I told them i had to do that and they said no theyre with the tax lady so i gave it to them. Shai promise monday morning i would sign it and review it. A week went by still no w 2 form. Then he decidedto tell me if i wanted to keep my job and get paid i had to open a new bank account through bank of america and give him the info for direct deposite. I said no thank you since he already has my other personal info. My first check was for 360. I worked 7 days in a row 8 hours each day for 10 dollars an hour no break. He said the tax lady did the math.. then when i go to the bank the check got declined so he paid me 400$ in cash. Today i walked in and read all te yelp reviews aloud to him and told him its unacceptable. He Said he does not care. When shai aka sean the owner says he will be in the office at 9 expect him to be there at 1. When he says he will email a client their confirmation expect to get an angry call back from them. When you get a check from him expect it to be declined. When you acceot a job from him expect to hear a couple recorded calls and then be there all alone for 8 hours. When you answer shais phone service expect to have to lie to the clients or walk out with no job. Unreliable technicians, false advertisement, lying to clients, and over charging. I cant work for a company like this. Im dont venting.
Harry W.
We look up online for Local locksmith Manteca, first site had #209 544-1100. They stated a tech would be out in an hour. When no one arrived, called back then they stated who be here in 15 minutes. waited another hour, called again, they stated tech had flat tire and would be here. he did arrive but we had cancealed and called another Company He was insentient that he could repair lock. They originally stated $35.00 to fix. Then he stated it would be $150.00. Told him the 2nd Company stated $125.00 for a new lock. He then stated he would do it for $75.00 cash. We agreed. He install another lock and it worked. They gave us only 1 key and stated exact keys would be $5.00 each. We declined. We went to Home Depot and they made them for $1.84 each. Owner came to our shop Saturday and unlock door but the new lock just came out.. Contacted Company Monday morning, said someone would ne out in an hour. It was 2 plus hours later. The tech said basically it was our fault, the threads on cylinder were stripped. He said his company was Tracy Lock and Key. They have different telephone number. NEVER USE COMPANY THAT SAYS MANTECA LOCKSMITH, PICKSQUAD LOCKSMITH, FRENCH CAMP LOCKSMITH,LOCKASMITH TRACY AND SEVERAL OTHER CITIES with similar names. The tech came out in an old compact car with no name of Company on it.
Elberta K.
My garage door got stuck last night and I couldn't open it. I called Sean and he told me he will be at my place in 25 minutes. He got to my place in less than 20 minutes and got my door fixed in 10 minutes also did a free servicing to backyard locker. Very courteous and professional. Did a clean job.
Susie P.
I called and they did send someone out right away but the price was way different than what I was quoted. Our door from the dining room to the garage would not open the tech said this is a tough job I don't think I can open the door, I will only only charge you the fee to come out which is $14.00. I have other jobs to go to. He said it will cost $150.00 for me to open the door and put a new lock on. (Again, he just said he could not open the door). We said that was too much money so then he said $100.00 cash. We needed to get in the garage so we said okay. Never again!!! He put a new lock on the door opened it with no problem, just lied all the way around. Just called him he did not leave keys for our door lock and he said that would have cost $150.00. We are thinking of suing them anyone want to join us?
Hai N.
Very attentive to each customers request while I was waiting for my turn in line. He made sure everything was taken care of w the customer before he rang them up and moved forward. I needed my lock repinned and it took him less than 5 minutes. Keys worked perfectly w no jamming up.
R Z.
PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE! JUST LIKE THE OTHER REVIEWS HAVE STATED - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! Over the phone we were told that it would be $50. We made sure to ask if there were any other charges - the lady on the phone said no, just $50. When the technician came to our location it ended being $120. The technician stated the price varies depending on the difficulty and the dispatcher should have told us this. That makes no sense! We should have been quoted a price prior to services being provided. The whole company seems incredibly shady - the invoice said "pick squad" but the name of the company is listed as "tracy lock & key". Didn't get a good feeling at all. Hopefully we can take some action against this unethical company.
Sarah M.
Ridiculous! Do not waste your time with these people. I called to get a quote for having a lock re-keyed. I was told it would be $14 for the service call and $25 per lock. I had two locks that I needed done so $64 was what I was quoted. I thought it was a great price and I went ahead and made an appointment. The tech shows up and goes over what I need and quotes me some ridiculous price. $14 for the service call which was fine, $35 per lock and $75 dollars for an hour of labor! Nobody said anything about that in the original quote and I was quoted $25 not $35. I needed this done however, it was time sensitive. I called the supervisor to discuss the fact that I was not given an accurate quote and I am still waiting for her to call me back because conveniently she was not in. It gets worse, the tech needed to run back to the shop to get a replacement part because I guess they don't come prepared and he says it will be about 20 minutes. He was gone for more than 30 minutes. I told him that I refused to pay for more time because he was gone. I think he would have charged more otherwise. This appointment was only supposed to take an hour and it ended up taking almost 2 hours. I was pissed. Oh and another issue, the thing they use to process credit card payments was broken so I had to go and get cash to pay for this. I mean things were already a pain and now you can't process my card on top of that. Yeah I am wondering if he pocketed any of that money. I am not going to drop this I am still going to keep contacting the supervisor until I get this resolved because it is ridiculous to mislead customers but not giving accurate quotes. Don't go with this place though. They are shady and care about ripping people off and wasting their time.
Mark D.
Not sure about last review but I called and yes the receptionist was a little unsure of the price not to be shady but because she didn't have all the lock information etc. She did put me in touch with a locksmith named Sean who was very professional and polite, so I would recommend asking for him. He's fair in price based on another other quote in fact he matched it, but was able to be there sooner. This was critical in that we just got back from vacation hungry and tired kids, so time was of the essence.
Adrien B.
This company is sketch! I paid $200 dollars to get my car key replaced, the guy looked like he didn't know what he was doing, broke my passenger lock, and is now trying to say it was already broken, they won't fix it or reimburse me which is complete crap! Do not go to them unless you want more damage done to your car, we are currently waiting to hear from our lawyer.
Kar L.
Seems kinda shady. Tried to get a lock rekeyed and couldn't get a straight answer to why it would cost up to $200. It was $35 per lock, which then went to a total of $160 for 2 locks. Sorry doesn't compute. When asked why the price jump, I got varying answers which seemed like the tech was just making it up. Also, the tech was not identified as a rep from the company. No identifying placards on his vehicle, no ID shown. When I called their dispatch, I was told the prices are at the discretion of the tech. Okay, if legit, but this seemed pretty arbitrary. Didn't get a good feeling about the whole deal. No thanks.
Leland M.
***READ BEFORE CONTACTING THEM*** This is NOT the actual tracy locksmith shop, they are reliable. Go to them before these guys. Pay double if you have to, trust me its worth it. These guys rekeyed my bike but the guy had NO CLUE what he was doing. After nearly four hours of him working on my bike he was still clueless. He took of my bike's ignition and forks and when he put the ignition back he misplaced a bolt. A couple months later I noticed the ignition was missing a bolt. Not long after that the ignition fell through and locked up my forks causing me to crash my bike. This locksmith could have cost me my life. I intend to take legal action and will update if I do. Apart from just that, he ruined two blanks I paid for. I now have three keys that only work in one direction and have to be wiggled into place. The ignition had no issues before. If this review is hidden or placed in the unhelpful section I will contact yelp and make sure this review can be seen. People need to be aware of this company.
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Master Key Lock Stockton, CA

811 Cowell Way
Stockton, CA 95209
20119 years in business
Open Now
Monday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be closed in 11 hours 22 minutes
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Premier Locksmith Services Tracy, CA

1005 E Pescadero Ave
Tracy, CA 95304
200812 years in business
Additional number: (956) 714-3300
Open Now
Monday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
(Full week)
Monday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Tuesday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Wednesday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Thursday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Friday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Saturday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Sunday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Business will be closed in 26 hours 21 minutes
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Chris Mullen Locksmith Service Stockton, CA

2210 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95204
20146 years in business
Closed Now
Monday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 0 hours 22 minutes
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Howard Y.
The Owner Chris does great work. Fast, Professional and Quality Service. He's the only locksmith I use in the Stockton Area!!!
Wendy D.
I did not use him, as he does not mke car ignition keys. He did refer me to Port City Locksmith who did an excellent job for me. I do appreciate his referral even though I did not use him.
Stephen W.
I had an issue with my front door lock and I called Chris Mullen based on his review on YELP. Chris arrived at my residence within 45 minutes , assessed my problem and explained a solution and the cost. He fixed my problem in a timely manner, according to his cost estimate and to my satisfaction. I was extremely pleased with the service he provided.
Michael G.
Incredible service! I got locked out of my house. Chris came out, he's very nice and really knows his stuff! I will definitely recommend him to anyone needing a locksmith.
Gabrielle O.
Chris is a top notch locksmith. Super honest and dependable and will never leave you hanging. I would highly recommend for all of your locksmith needs.
Carol B.
Always on time, friendly and helpful. I use Chris on all my properties. I highly recommend.
Nuni N.
Chris is awesome. I've been using his services for 5 years for a couple of my locations.
David G.
Chris was very responsive to the rush service request we submitted for our commercial client. However, he showed up at the job site with his 9 year old daughter. The client, which was a bank, would not let the daughter back inside the branch where the work was to be performed. We were forced to find another locksmith under rush conditions to get the work completed. Chris then charged us for the service call.
Flex F.
There is a reason Chris Mullen has a 5-Star rating. His customer service is above and beyond expectation. It's not just his prices that make his service 5-Star quality -- it is his ability to adjust to customer schedule and demands, and to provide concessions and reassurances on his services. I called Chris late in the day, and despite cutting it close to the end of the day, he was still willing to come out and re-key the locks to my house. He was able to explain what needed to be done and what he was going to do so that I felt comfortable knowing that the work was going to be done right. He was an incredible joy to have as a person and as a service provider, and I would recommend Chris Mullen Locksmith Service to anyone in the Stockton area who needs a quality locksmith.
Pam A.
I had a difficult time finding a locksmith that would help with a sheriff's lockout/eviction. I wonder if it's because they're not licensed. Seemed like I called almost everyone on yelp when found Chris and he lifted a heavy burden off my shoulder. Chris was courteous, honest, and made the eviction process go smoother. He showed up early and was patient enough to wait with me for the sheriffs to arrive. The problem tenant ended up changing the locks so it saved us to have him there to unlock the door quickly. Afterwards, he changed the locks and even fixed a sliding glass door that he didn't have to do without charge. Chris is a professional, A LICENSED locksmith, and an overall awesome guy! Thank you Chris!!
Kam M.
I just moved into my new home and needed the locks rekeyed. It's unsettling to not know who has keys I called several places but chose to go with Chris. I'm so happy I did. Chris is awesome and extremely knowledgeable of his craft. One of the door handles is an antique and Chris suggested a different option for that lock. All in all he was here for 20minutes. Now I'm sleeping like a baby knowing that my home is safe and secure.. thanks Chris
Justin N.
Chris is awesome! Best Locksmith in and around Stockton. He was able to accommodate last minute changes with ease. Will definitely use again when I need locks & keys changed or replaced. I highly recommend Chris anyone in the Stockton area who needs a locksmith!
Donald A.
Great Locksmith service! Sorry for the delay in the yelp review but the service was affordable for us, which was a nice surprise considering the hardships of the time, and he made an exception on working on helping us out after hours! Thanks be to God, we were locked out of our apartment and had no where else to call! Thank you Chris!
Em V.
Recently moved to Stockton and found Chris through Yelp to get my locks rekeyed. Everyone is right! Chris is super knowledgeable, friendly and has excellent customer service! He was even able to fix an issue with our antique lock on our front door. Thanks Chris!
Melody S.
Sorry Chris but this is a late post. U helped me out about two weeks ago. Came the same day I called for assistance, u were booked for a full day of work and u still squeezed me in. Thanks for the service and advice. Call Chris people ! He does Great work !
Gil S.
They have provided me with several service calls and I've always been great and professional.
Dee C.
All I can say is Chris is a Godsend!!! From the time I called to the time he left after the job, Chris was a pleasure to deal with. Like many of the other stellar reviews, Chris handled business in a very efficient and professional manner. Discovering that Chris was a musician was like the cream on the top. Great conversations and an excellent job done, what more can a consumer as for. I will recommend Chris Mullen Locksmith Service to everyone that needs a locksmith.
Maximus P.
Chris came today rekey my business, he was very friendly, professional and affordable!!! I would highly recommend him for any locksmith needs!!
S C.
Chris is responsive, honest and fair. He got me into my house and fixed all locks so they work more smoothly for these arthritic hands! This bright and kind guy is a refreshing change from the last locksmith (24 hr. Locksmith) I used last time. No need to look any further!
Joy R.
Chris is very nice and knowledgeable. He came and rekeyed several locks for me. I tried to call him another time and his wife answered his phone. She was very stiff and not the best person to have as your first line of contact. If it wasn't for her, he would have got a 5 star rating. Edit: i tried to contact Chris for an emergency need to have locks rekeyed. His wife answered and told me that his day was full and he couldn't handle any more work. I asked her if she knew the definition of emergency. That means I can't wait until tomorrow. I asked her to call him and she refused. She told me I should call the next day to see if he had time to help me. I was really shocked. I fortunately have found an awesome locksmith who does understand what emergency and customer service means. Good riddance. This review drops from a 4 to a 1.
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Keyless Pro Locksmith Antioch, CA

1872 Verne Roberts Cir
Antioch, CA 94509
Closed Now
Monday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 0 hours 22 minutes
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sigfredo flores
Professional from start to finish. Good job.
Bobby Detton
I was told that they did quality work, but I may have misunderstood... An employee named Alex went to help my wife make a key for our RV, unfortunately we were married for less than a year and long story made short, the divorce has just finalized!!! I asked him why and he begged me not to say anything because he has a wife and children... Men, whatever you do do not leave your significant other or loved ones alone !! It has completely ruined my life...
Yamonte W.
I am beyond satisfied and happy with this business I called Chevrolet dealership to get my key fob programmed they quoted me $85 I called another locksmith he quoted me $100 and another one quoted me 50 but they were all the way in Sacramento so I decided to look around in the Antioch area and came across Pro locksmith they are the best in town prices are perfect especially when it comes to your budget thank you so much for your help.
Chris P.
Keyless Pro Locksmith was able to fit me in same day and programmed my key fob for half the price of the dealership. I would have paid over $400 dealing with the dealership. I paid less than $200 dealing with Keyless Pro. I even priced shopped other locksmiths before going with Keyless Pro and they gave me the best price. Would definitely recommend.
Sonja Martin
After the dealership failed me I went here. These guys are awesome & professional. I will be back .
Rashad J.
I called around to get prices on getting my car key programmed while waiting at a local dealer to get my key code pulled and key cut. I was quoted prices that I thought were way too high for the service rendered. I called this place and got quoted a great price. The service was great and it was half the price of the dealership.
Tony V.
Great service. They guy there was very nice with helping with ordering a key fob for my 2013 Infiniti jx35, and the price was awesome. Only cost 220 for key with programming. The Concord Infiniti dealer quoted me over 450 for the key with programming. Will do business with them again. If you need a key this is the place to go to.
Amber Detton
Hey any boddy.by change know a name by alex
T'keyah T.
I used to work at the Antioch Fairgrounds and OJ always did an amazing job with any key the commercial grounds needed! He's super efficient and his response time has always be impeccable! He has changed keys, locks to the office, bolt locks and now a couple years later I needed him for a broken key to my car. I was in and out in about 20 minutes! He's always friendly and makes sure he listens to exactly what it is that your asking for. His prices are always affordable for the great work that he does and I recommend Keyless Pro for ALL of your locksmith needs! Thank you so much for all your help!
Ernesto M.
I was thinking of not to write any rewiew but do to the effort on this guy to solve what happened is. This is what happen I called this company To get a key for my 2004 Chevy Blazer .they were very polite and every thing . He said he would charge me 120 for two keys all he needed was the VIN . And that I could go picked up at his place in Antioch the guy there was an excellent person but the guy I spoke over the phone was a lazy incopetent and didn't seem to care for his business.at all when I went and picked up keys I said again the guy in charge excellent costumer service that the only reason am giving two Star. I Right after I try keys and they dint fit on truck I Texted him it took him a while to answer I explained him that I needed the truck for work he seem careless and didn't seem to care at all I asked him if he can come and I'll pay an additional 100 on top of 120 he said no he made me go to San Ramon to get my money back asked him to meet half way completely denied I would not recommend it to anyone else the guy who made me drive all the way to San Ramon was sleeping when I got there he seem careless didn't even apologize for nothing and I spent nearly 30 dollars on gas worst experience with a lick smith I lost a day word my work and didn't even got a key for my truck a hole two days wasted because of this guy.
Ben B.
I phoned to ask if they would rekey two new locks to match my old key. Sure, come on down! O.J. did the job quickly while I waited. The new locks work great, he charged a very reasonable price, and was pleasant to deal with. While his specialty is vehicle locks, especially keyless fobs, he also does commercial and residential. If I need anything else done, I know who to call. And, he was very conveniently located, right around the corner from Costco.
Jessamyn H.
Great service and best prices! I've lost my only remote key to my 2009 Toyota Camry, and after researching highly rated places that would've charged me ~$400, another local locksmith told me to go to this place because they would already have my key in stock and their pricing was more reasonable. I had my car towed to their place for a lower price, and a lot of random bizarre things happened the day I came in but it's ok, the staff was still very kind and efficient and got my car taken care of.
Ahamad Williams
Help me when I lock my keys in the trunk at school and only charge me $80 bucks to get my keys out my truck pretty cheap and better than mobile services who wanted to charge me $250 for the same service
Gabby S.
The service and courtesy of the representative that came to my home was awesome!! He was so helpful and kind and did the job super quick. I had to hop on Yelp to rave about him. My car was sitting in my space for about 3 weeks now since I lost my key and when we turned it back on my car wouldn't start. The gentleman that came out was so nice he offered to jump start my car when he didn't have to! I'm so pleased with today's service I will definitely be going back for all my Key needs. Thank you Keyless Pro!! The whole service was $275.00
Kristi M.
I bought 2 RKE/fobs for my car and brought them here to be programmed. He was polite and efficient. Great customer service and it took less than ten minutes which was great since I was on my lunch break. Also the best price compared to other quotes I received. Both work great!
Felita F.
I purchased some very expensive door locks when I purchased my home. When it came time to install my new front door, the cylinder was gone. I called Keyless and they not only had a brand new cylinder, it was done immediately and he threw in extra keys. The ONLY in store locksmith in the Antioch/Brentwood area. THANK YOU!!
Jeff W.
Updated this to one star earlier but for some reason there was some confusion with yelp so I'm trying to update again...trying to make sure people know how shady he is. A couple of the photos I had attached to the review showing proof that I called the number on his yelp page (before he changed the number) were taken down. I still have those for proof, if need be. Just shoot me a message if you think this review is not legit as the shady owner of this company is claiming. Two stars (instead of one) because they got me into my house. $293 for 17 mins of work. That's more per hour than a lot of physicians make. Also called and was told someone would call me "in a couple of minutes" had to call back 25 mins later. Once I did get a hold of someone they said they would be at the house in 20-30 mins. 45 minutes later, the guy was there! Nice enough guy but I felt like I was being taken advantage of. Hindsight is 20/20. Hopefully this review gives you some foresight.
sue l.
The best place !!! Helped us out with a second key for our car. First time owning a automatic car. .The price was right. Had it made in a few minutes.. Very nice and explained everything. There was no pressure. We will use him for all our keys from now on..
J W.
Fast and professional. A lot cheaper than the car dealer for replacement chipped keys on later model/new cars.
Sean K.
This guy is mobile, has great prices, and with excellent service I came here three days ago and it was a fast appointment I definitely recommend everyone to come see this guy he has done plenty of my cars and I can guarantee you he can do yours!!
Fred A.
Recently, I needed all the locks changed at my house so I called them up. O.J., the owner, was very professional and courteous and setup an appointment for me the following day (it was a bit late in the day when I called so my bad). The technician, Angel, came by on time and was really fast changing the locks. He made sure that the new keys worked with the locks too. He answered all my questions and was also very professional and courteous. Prices were reasonable as well. This is the second time we have used Keyless Pro Locksmith and are very satisfied with them. You need something done ... go to these guys. This is why I support local businesses.
Scott R.
Not fake. I can scan receipt which says what was promised and not delivered. Let me know if you would like chance to make it right and I will call you. Otherwise your absolute failure is fact. Own it.
Gabriela C.
I highly recommend this place. I needed a second deadbolt installed so my toddler would stop opening the front door. they accommodated my schedule very promptly (next morning). The work was done in less than 45minutes, including setup and clean up. I feel very secure and happy with the work done. Thank you.
Greezi Q.
Located across the street from Antioch Costco. I went in today to re-pin my deadbolt to an existing key. OJ was very helpful and informative. It wasn't pricey at all. Honest company, highly recommended!
Virginia R.
I highly recommend this locksmith. They are fast and efficient. I went to several other lock smiths to get a duplicate car key made, without success. Very frustrated until i went here today. In a matter of minutes, my problem was solved. Im a happy camper today!!!
No Image

Pick-A-Lock Stockton, CA

3927 Clark Dr
Stockton, CA 95215
200119 years in business
Additional number: (209) 463-0100
Closed Now
Monday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 0 hours 22 minutes
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Went to find a gas tank for a F150 and all of the tanks were punctured with holes. Online the gas tanks were priced as $34.99, how does Pick N Pull price gas tanks with holes in them!? Good luck to everyone.
Rob Atkinson
As always, prices are more than online and almost the same as new. Some parts actually cheaper to buy new. 2 little vacuum lines and a moulding cost me 25 bucks today. I compared online when I got home and exact same parts were 9 dollars total on Ebay. Greedy and shady business. Go to one out of Stockton, the owner lady is dirty and rude.
Ale L.
Came to get a duplicate for my car key and was very delighted. Christopher was very helpful and had a very nice attitude. He is very professional!! Would definitely recommend this to everyone in the 209 area. If I could rate more than 5 stars I would.
OnlyTheStrong S.
These guys are quick, reasonable, precise, and knowledgeable. We had our Camaro cylinder replaced and they jumped right on it! The correct phone number is 209-463-0100
Aimee A.
Do not trust this business! I needed an ignition key, after coming extremely late the man charged me $90 he said he was going to return to finish the job. I needed an ignition key not a duplicate key! I called him for the next three weekends, and waited for him to come back out to my house he never showed! When I finally spoke to him he refused to return my money, and could not give a time when he could complete the job he half way completed. When I asked to speak to the manager or person in charge the employees shrugged their shoulders and just laughed. This is a form or robbery, I would advise you to pay the extra $20 or more to receive COMPLETE quality service!
No Image

Connolly’s Locksmith & Safe Services Stockton, CA

1140 Waterloo Rd
Stockton, CA 95205
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P. P.
I brought a Bluetooth door locking device and Connolly's was able to convert the locking mechanism to my old home key that is compatible to my other door entrance. I called the other locksmiths and they just said "no" when it came to modern locking system.
David S.
I just had my front door re-keyed. I walked in and was surprised how fast it was done and they did it at a reasonable price....... Can't ask for anything more than that
Rick R.
This is the 2nd time I used Connolys Kocksmith. The owner was very nice and professional and most importantly very competent. They get 2 thumbs up. I highly recomnend this business.
Tom A.
I tried contacting other locksmiths in the Stockton area. Most did not answer my calls or the messages I left. Connolly's answered my call right away and explained to me the ins and outs of chipped car keys and quoted me a better price than I could find in my online searches. Friendly, courteous service, small shop, locally owned, been there 20 years+. This is a small, local business that earns your trust and deserves your patronage. This store will get all my lock and key business from now on.
Cara M.
This place is wonderful, they are always there to help! My car key broke in half and they were able to make a key out of the two pieces! Our entire family uses them and has forever!! Thanks guys for always being there to help and the keys always fitting!!
Jim G.
These Guys are Great. They know their business & even have a few Bad Jokes. I might go there only a Few times a year, But they always remember me. Priced right too..... Jim- Owner of " The Gordon Toy Company & Party Store...........
J T.
After going to Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace and then a mobile locksmith trying to get a door key made for my RV. I then decided to try Yelp. This was the closest locksmith to my house. Went there and he had the key blank that the other places did not have. Convenient place, its in the same strip mall as Harbor Freight. Thanks
No Image

Preferred Lock And Key Tracy, CA

320 Lopez Ln
Tracy, CA 95376
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Ryan B.
Lance is s true professional! He is honest, was on time and efficient. I would refer Preferred Lock and Key to any of my friends. I needed 3 exterior handles replaced all with deadbolts. Another locksmith said I needed to buy the handle-set with deadbolt combo and my total would be $500. Lance offered a better solution; re-key the deadbolts to match the new handles. He saved me a ton of money with his honesty.
Heidi J.
Outstanding customer service!!!!!! Lance provided the best customer service I have experienced in my 50 years. He allowed me to reschedule my appointment at he last minute, accommodated me on the weekend with no additional fee and was highly professional throughout the entire transaction. I needed three locks re keyed at my father's home and he told me up front what he would do, how he would do it and exactly how much it would cost and why....to the penny. He was prompt, arriving few minutes early and was very efficient in his work. He was meticulous about wiping off the edges of the door and polishing the door knobs before completing his work. I will call in them again and recommend him highly to my family and friends.
Eva a.
Excellent!! On time, very professional, very helpful and definitely knows his stuff! I would refer him to anyone and use his services again without a doubt.
SetTheBarHi S.
Lance was right on time, and very courteous. He changed several locks/deadbolts in our home to electronic keypad locks. He showed me how everything worked when he was done...complete professional! My husband says it's one of the best improvements we ever did! Thank you Lance!
Pooja A.
Great service and very courteous. I needed to rekey some locks and Lance was able to come the same day. In fact he could come in sooner than earlier quoted and had the work done really fast. Highly recommend him !
Sareena G.
There is a reason to why everyone has given this business such great reviews! Lance was quick and professional. We needed to get our warehouse rekeyed and he was able to accommodate us the same day!
A G.
They say that most people aren't kind or good hearted anymore but Lance is amazing! He installed all new locks in our new home so we only had to use one key instead of many. He was quick and efficient and very professional. He also came I. Short notice which was so helpful with it move date changing multiple times. I am also a small business owner and ran into some issues with passing my fire clearance due to inadequate door handles and I called Lance for help and advice. He spent most of his day on the phone trying to find exactly what I needed and is jumping through hoops to get me what I need by my deadline. I will never use another company and will be referring Preferred Lock and Key to all my family and friends!
Michael A.
Lance came out on a day's notice and completed the job efficiently. I moved into a new home and needed all the locks re-keyed. He was able to give me a quote over the phone and was able to fix an interior door striker issue that I asked him to do while he was there. Nice guy, quick service and all 7 locks use the same key, which is nice. Highly recommend.
Alex T.
I've used this Locksmith twice in two years to do lock changes after a tenant moves out. I'm not sure if their prices are in line with competition or a bit higher, but when I needed a locksmith the first time, I called several locksmiths, and Lance was the one that was most easily accessible and available on the day and time I needed the job done. I just did a tenant move out, and a tenant move in on the same day, and everything seemed to go wrong. Then a friend asked me, "something must've turned about as planned" I replied, "yes, my locksmith was on time, on budget, and all the locks and keys work"
Paul G.
On time and affordable. Made my life a bit less hectic by having one less thing to do moving into my new house. Thanks Lance
Dana G.
Bad Service super expensive be careful i got charged $250 to open my house and it was a simple lock too
Scott K.
Showed up on time was professional and polite, and did the work asked of him. What more can you ask? Will use again without hesitation.
Fred H.
On time, excellent service. All previous reviews are on the dot. I'm recommending this to my friends. Great work Lance
Michael P.
Just had the lock installed and it was quick and friendly service Thank you Lance
Jennifer T.
I had a very good experience using Lance's services to re-key all the locks in my new home. We were leaving on vacation and one of our deadbolts had broken. He worked me into his schedule to accommodate our need to have this done before we left, was prompt, professional, upfront and accurate with price estimates. Don't hesitate to use this business, he's earning his reviews!
Ken R.
Lance was Awesome. I called to get an estimate, I heard what I liked. He told me the time he would be at my home, he was right on time! Really professional clean cut guy. Made him easy to trust, he was really quick, he also proved to me at each lock the the old key no longer worked and the new keys did, and when it was time to pay the bill! The estimate actually matched the bill!!! No hidden fees or add ons. I really recommend him, all positives!
i was locked out of my house. contacted this locksmith, he got there quickly and got me into my house in a matter of minutes! very professional. i would recommend them to everyone.
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Modesto Locksmith Modesto, CA

3326 McHenry Ave
Modesto, CA 95350
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Peter C.
Best service in town, Gene knows what he's doing, been doing it for years. You can't beat experience, top notch work at reasonable prices. Gene has saved me money more than once.
Heather P.
Gene, I'm not even sure you deserve a STAR, but this program will not recognize my comment without at least 1. Call it courtesy of me!!!! Anyhow, Gene with Modesto Locksmith at (209) 521-1668, was exceptionally rude to me today. I was requesting a price quote... he started shooting off prices. I asked for a grand total... He said I am working you do the math and hung up on me. Ummm I was wondering about tax, extra keys and such. He was very unprofessional and simply rude. I've never been mistreated by a company ever in my entire life like this. Hello buddy... it's CustomerService that pays YOUR bills. If you're inherently rich, or hate your job... perhaps servicing the public isn't your thing... ugh. So unpleasantly surprised by such ill behavior!!! Have a nice day!!!
Steve C.
We are very happy with Modesto Locksmith. He is the nicest guy with very pleasant personality. He fixed our lock that has been and issue for years and repaired it like new. To top it off he made us extra keys and didn't even charge us for them. Perfect mobile service.
Stephanie F.
They were so fast and affordable. I'm so happy I called them! I called because I needed the whole place re-Keyed. They came out super fast, and had it done so quick! While they were here he noticed that my door had issues shutting, (it had bugged us for years) he fixed the issue and now it shuts perfectly! I am so happy with the speedy and thoughtful service!
Jeanette R.
True to his word. This is a good business. I would recommend them to anybody. It's refreshing now days when people and businesses do what they say they are going to do. I recommend Modesto Locksmith based on my dealings with the owner, Gene. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and tell all my friends.
C B.
The ORIGINAL Modesto Locksmith, Gene Mota is outstanding! We needed to quickly change the locks at my elderly grandmother's house, called for an appointment and Gene came right out that afternoon. The locks worked perfectly and the cost was very reasonable. We made a mistake and missed a lock on a back door, called Gene the next day and he was on a huge job out of town (he didn't think he could make it that day), but he called back and made a special trip out that night to be sure we felt safe. Now that's what I call excellent customer service (something very rare these days)! I wish I could give him more than 5 stars!
Chris F.
I pick this place over all others. Gene is very personable and quick. Amazing customer service, and extremely prompt and efficient. Affordable price as well. The company is no longer located on McHenry Ave, but they are mobile and come to any location. The phone number is still accurate.
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ASAP Locksmith Lathrop, CA

1256 W Lathrop Rd
Lathrop, CA 95330
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Shelby S.
I lost my keys one night and these guys were soooo helpful to me after Triple a recommended me to them. The locksmith and the man whom I spoke to over the phone were the best I've dealt with! The pricing was reasonable and the amount of time it took to do the job was super quick. I appreciate these people and I highly recommend them to anyone needing locksmith services.
Taylor F.
I am very forgetful and often lock myself out of my car. I have used many locksmiths. I found this guy here on Yelp and he responded very fast. His price was great and cheapest I've ever been quoted. He had my car unlocked quickly and got out to me in 30 min as quoted.
Guerito L.
If you wanna get overcharged and disrespected these are the guys for you! Would give em 0 stars if possible. Called em after getting locked out and they were rude to me over the phone, they even laughed at me. Thats no way to treat a prospect or customer. I called the person right below them on the Yelp search and they quoted me $25 less. And were polite. If you want quick, cheap and great service hit up A-1 Keyway. They're the spot I hit up right after the rude call and my experience with them was night and day in comparison.
Dr. G.
Man what a life saver!!! I googled mobile locksmiths on a Saturday at 7pm and Stanley "STAN DA MAN" answered the phone on the first ring and was at my residence by 7:19! Had my front door unlocked in about 5 minutes!! My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day was over in less than 30 minutes!!! On top of all that he even made me a spare key as a courtesy! Can't thank you guys enough!!!! THANK YOU ASAP LOCKSMITH!!!! AND STAN!!!!
Benny F.
Came out. And did what else OTHER LOCKSMITHS couldn't do. In less than hour. Got straight to business. And got it done. No play. That's what I call fucking service, after THREE others didn't have a clue about and fucked up.
Melissa R.
I was referred to this locksmith by a good family friend after he had his car ignition changed and keys reprogrammed. I have an SUV that had its key stuck in the ignition switch. Called and got a quote from the locksmith and was told that they were going to come out Monday. I called Monday and got no response. I get a call a few days later and was told that I was out of the area and that someone else usually gets sent out. So much for good customer service. I won't be calling this locksmith again.
Amanda G.
I have had a great experience with this locksmith and only a fraction of the costs of anywhere else I've checked. I legit spent 25% of what everywhere else was quoting me for my locksmith needs. He is quick and thorough and appreciate him helping me out when my car keys disappeared and were later found at someone else's residence. So not only did he make and and program a key for me, but a month later when all my keys were in one location he reprogrammed my keys for my car. Great service. Great cost. Will continue to call him for the rest of my needs.
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