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Pick-A-Lock Stockton, CA

3927 Clark Dr
Stockton, CA 95215
200119 years in business
Additional number: (209) 463-0100
Closed Now
Tuesday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 5 hours 4 minutes
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Went to find a gas tank for a F150 and all of the tanks were punctured with holes. Online the gas tanks were priced as $34.99, how does Pick N Pull price gas tanks with holes in them!? Good luck to everyone.
Rob Atkinson
As always, prices are more than online and almost the same as new. Some parts actually cheaper to buy new. 2 little vacuum lines and a moulding cost me 25 bucks today. I compared online when I got home and exact same parts were 9 dollars total on Ebay. Greedy and shady business. Go to one out of Stockton, the owner lady is dirty and rude.
Ale L.
Came to get a duplicate for my car key and was very delighted. Christopher was very helpful and had a very nice attitude. He is very professional!! Would definitely recommend this to everyone in the 209 area. If I could rate more than 5 stars I would.
OnlyTheStrong S.
These guys are quick, reasonable, precise, and knowledgeable. We had our Camaro cylinder replaced and they jumped right on it! The correct phone number is 209-463-0100
Aimee A.
Do not trust this business! I needed an ignition key, after coming extremely late the man charged me $90 he said he was going to return to finish the job. I needed an ignition key not a duplicate key! I called him for the next three weekends, and waited for him to come back out to my house he never showed! When I finally spoke to him he refused to return my money, and could not give a time when he could complete the job he half way completed. When I asked to speak to the manager or person in charge the employees shrugged their shoulders and just laughed. This is a form or robbery, I would advise you to pay the extra $20 or more to receive COMPLETE quality service!
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Charlie’s Day & Nite Locks Stockton, CA

706 N El Dorado St
Stockton, CA 95207
196258 years in business
Closed Now
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 3 hours 4 minutes
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DJ Sluggo
Excellent service. Always plesant. They have been making keys for me for about 30 years. Have even made keys for hard to make for Chinese locks.
Yolanda M.
I chose this company because they were local and have been in stockton for years what a joke. Lost car key took key code from dealer requested key cut after I had called to see if they could do this. Got key it would not work by this time they had closed went back next day they stated no refunds ?$&@ what no credit toward new key nothing ok requested since key did not work what could we do they stated I would have to remove the component so They could have key made now they are a 50 year service locksmith but they could not remove this I had to remove it I don't understand is this what you do for a living so I went home removed it and took it back to have key made will see if it works my mom is mad wanted me to go somewhere else since they would not refund the original 25.00 she feels I paid for a service they did not provide a good key refund should b made. I still want to give them a chance see if they can cut car key really I just want this over with will update when done
Fatima T.
Awesome service!! Had a tech come out to open my locked vehicle. He was professional and quick. I had a few techs from other companies come out and they wouldn't do the job because of the high risk of breaking my window (understandable) but Charlie's had the proper equipment and was able to get the job done. They saved me a lot of money because I was about to give up and just tow my car to a Volkswagen dealer and get it fixed through them. I definitely recommend this place!!
Alex H.
Refuses to cut keys you don't purchase from them. I don't want a crappy remote key and like to get nicer ones. Won't be getting my business.
Tevin P.
Came in for a quick copy of my keys and it took about 40 seconds. Good service. Good people. Id suggest walking in with services before calling because the shop can be quite busy witj people. Thanks guys.
Debbie B.
Needed a last minute rekeying of my office after a bum stole my purse. Thank goodness Janoah was able to come out right away! He was quick, professional and sympathetic. I so appreciate it!
Tina M.
We have been long time customers of Charlies Day & Nite. Every time they have done any type of work, from installing our security system to getting locks replaced, their service has been exceptional! Thank you Charlies Day & Nite for your outstanding service and dedication to quality costumer service.
Ashley D.
My son broke the only key I had for an old car we have so we needed a new one. The dealerships wouldn't make the key because it was too old so I called around and got a couple quotes. Charlie's day and night is great. They told me which lock to remove to make sure that they were able to get me the best cut key. They had the key ready for me to pick up when it was time to pick up and they even made an extra key. Of course I had to pay for the extra key which was a good deal but like he said it's easier to make an extra key out of the key verses the door lock.
These guys are crooks. More so when they hear you've been/possibily been a victim of a crime or you're trying to stop/prevent a crime from happening to you or your home. When I went into the business I was in tears and angry. I explained my situation and goal. I was shown items I would get and their functions. When he showed up to fix my doors he was holding something different than he showed and quoted me on. It was so cheap that it could be bent by hand. He only placed half the stuff onto my doors that i requested and agreed on saying he wasn't going to install it because he didn't see any damage he said they weren't coming in that door but they were. He left half the stuff off and had to put some of my old stuff back on because he broke his stuff lmao trying to put it on (cheap) leaving me vulnerable once again for 2 more days until he could return. 2 days later he returned and fixed what he broke and handed me a bill for 560 something dollars. YEA! and Guess what. The thieves got back in the very next day that he claimed stopped the problem. I called the manager explaining the situation for the over charge, cheap equipment, over priced labor charges, leaving off half the items i wanted, requested and paid for. I told him he left me vulnerable for 2 days with half fixed an half broken equipment until he could return 2 days later. Do you know what he said lol for another 100.00 we'll replace the door knobs with a medium grade durability instead of the lower grade you were given. WHAT! 560 something dollars is lower grade stuff and the thieves got back in the next day hahaha. BBB needs to be called and a report made. Wal-Mart sales better. Don't waste your money or put your hard earned life in their hands.
K D.
Great service. They came on time, we're efficient and went the extra mile to help get our keys changed promptly. Will refer friends.
Jenny MartaMae K.
I came 15 to closing and they were still able to make 2 copies of key in about 5 minutes! Super nice!
Richard D.
This company service is the worst I've ever received. When I dropped off an item it sat for two hours when I called him to see if it was ready I was put on hold at almost 30 minutes. When I called in to find out what the status was the female that answered the phone was the rudest I've ever met or ever spoken to. So I went down and removed the item I was supposed to have re-keyed and went someplace else. Do not ever do business with this company they will screw you over and ignore you. Will they correct the problem? I seriously doubt it.
Cj K.
I was not impressed. I have an old door that needs a new lock. The young man at the counter told me to take it apart and bring it in and MAYBE they could fix it. So, I have to do the work and my door would have a hole in it and they still might not be able to fix it. While I was there I watched other counter people just walk off and not do much of anything. Ug
Garrett B.
Go see Sam. Amazing service. Fast and efficient solution to my problem, definitely head there for any of your lock or security issues!
Armando A.
Horrible service and could not provide any solutions to my issues with my keys. Half way through our conversation he decided to help another customer, instead of finishing with me. I will never go back there
Robert M.
Charlie's has been around forever and for good reason. Fast service! Excellent staff! Quality workmanship! My wife and I needed a lock repaired in our home and Dennis came out. Fixed the lock with the least cost and was a pleasure to work with. If you ever have the need for a locksmiths you need to call Charlie's!
Bao N.
These guys really know how to take care of me and they really know what they're doing. I send all my door lock cylinders and ignition locks to them to recode or repair. Try them out..really good guys.
Susan F.
KEYED UP!!! We have used Charlies before, many times for work keys, car keys and Sheriff's Lockout of our Tenants. Was disappointed today, however that even though they have a big sign that they "Make Hi Tech Auto Keys Here (see pics)" they DON'T unless it is either THEIR key or one from the manufacturer. They did tell me it was because "other keys use foreign metals that damage their machines." So SEBASTIAN (see earlier YELP Post), there is your answer!!! I will follow your advice and head to WalMart. I AGREE. I would have MUCH rather given Charlie's my business then Walmart. Apparently Walmart dorsnt have this isdue or replaces parts more frequently. If you want to make some spare keys for your "Hi Tech" car, don't come here. You will leave, "Keyed-Up!"
K W.
They don't return multiple phone calls. Also, they advertise certain products, and are not able to answer questions about them. Do NOT recommend.
Sebastian S.
They have a big sign outside the store saying they do transponder car keys. I brought in a blank transponder key because I had to buy the right one for my car and they told me they wouldn't cut it because I did not buy it from them. Did not give me an explanation to why he wouldn't cut it, I simply wasted my time. Took it to Walmart and they cut the key I provided them and programmed it. Wanted to give the local business my money rather than a big corporate store but i guess they didnt want my business...
Shahbaz J.
Very rude customer service. Tried to get info for getting car keys copy but crazy person hangup on me.i can tell how they are if they don't have respect for customer.
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Roseville Mobile Locksmith Roseville, CA

Roseville, CA 95678
20155 years in business
Closed Now
Tuesday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
Tuesday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
Wednesday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
Thursday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
Friday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
Sunday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
Business will be opened in 2 hours 34 minutes
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Paul N.
This place is overly expensive. They charged me almost $600 for programming 1 transponder key for a 2010 Ford Focus. The guy told me because it was after 6 and the programming people are not there. B.S. This place is great if you need a way to spend money.
Anthony R.
Called them and it's two days later and still never received a call back. I left all my info with the receptionist as I need my home re-keyed. I went with another company.
John L.
Locked out of my house, called for a device call. A "receptionist" took my name and number and told me to wait for a call back. Never even gave me the courtesy of a call to say they weren't open/available. Total waste of my time.
Marina S.
If you ever need a locksmith do not pass by Adam! My cars lock was being extremely difficult and had some level of problems that I couldn't get fixed anywhere. I procrastinated on getting it fixed until one day I was not able to get into my car and had to call a locksmith. Adam arrived within half an hour and assessed the problem and came to a solution in a matter of seconds. He explained what the problem was and why I could not get my keys into the keyhole. It's rare to come across such a pleasant person to work with who provides above and beyond service. No matter what your problem is he will do everything he can to fix it! Super knowledgeable in everything regarding locks. Thanks again.
Raul J.
Called him on a short notice and gentlemen came and fix my shop lock... was very happy about the costumer service that he gave!! I will be recommending all my family and friends to him! -thank you brother!
Esther B.
Adam is a lifesaver. Someone tried to break into my apartment last night and even though I've lived there for over 5 years and nothing like this had ever happened before, the experience had me paranoid. My landlord argued that it was my responsibility to replace the locks and even though I disagree, I decided to take action. I was impressed with the reviews this account had and so I decided to give them a call. He was very orderly and friendly and came within the hour to my place. Not only did he install a new deadbolt he provided maintenance for our entire door! Apparently whoever had installed the door did an awful job which was why it had been so easy for the burglar to pick the lock. His excellent work ethic proved to me that he knew what he was doing and I felt more safe knowing he had installed top of the notch high quality locks. Worth every penny, definitely recommend this guy!
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Rex Lock & Safe Concord, CA

3511 Clayton Rd
Concord, CA 94519
197743 years in business
Facebook Google+
Additional number: (925) 777-0707
Fax: (925) 798-3850
Closed Now
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 3 hours 4 minutes
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Matt Velazquez
Over 130 dispatches to different jobs in recent years. ZERO DAMAGE CLAIMS. ZERO COMPLAINTS. Great team of professionals.
Chris B.
Terrible driver with "Rex Lock & Safe" on his van tried to run me off the road this morning on Ygnacio. Would never call them for any service based on his aggressive driving style. No decency. Zero. It's a merge lane to let me merge, not for you to speed up and try to run me off the road!
Mike Samuels
I love rex lock and safe! I have used them at a number of different businesses as well as for a few residential needs. They have been extremely helpful in every instance! Very knowledgable, good communication and on-site techs to a great job (and leave the place cleaner than they left it)!
Matthew M.
Great mom and pop spot that will fulfill any needs with making or duplicating keys. Came in for my malfunctioning Honda Chipped Key and they had it done and on my way within 15 minutes. They were also super sweet towards my little girl. Support this local business!
Melanie W.
I called them last night just after 8 and Israel got to my location before 8:45. He kept me updated on his ETA, insuring me he was on his way. When he arrived was very quick and very nice. I am definitely recommending to all of my friends and family!
I called them last night just after 8 and ****** got to my location before 8:45. He kept me updated on his ETA, insuring me he was on his way. When he arrived was very quick and very nice. I am definitely recommending to all of my friends and family!
Robert H.
Rich W, It appears you were not the only one to have problems with terrible service and techs not showing up and no courtesy call. Others have had the same issues with these guys. I wonder if it's just the poor excuse for manager in the Tracy branch or if indeed it was a self entitled owner that feels his time is more important than yours. I for one am sick of shitty companies that act like they are doing you some big favor when you call them for a service (don't we pay them?) How rude and self centered not to even call you when they KNOW they can't show up on time. I think it may say more about the small little power freak manager than the company but if this is how they treat people I'd never go there. Thanks for your review.
Rich W.
Do not use this company !!! I had a appointment fro 11am - 1pm with Rex Lock & Safe 1020 'B' Street Tracy, CA 95376 when nobody called me or showed up at 1pm I called them back & got a very rude & unprofessional person that said he was the owner of the company. When I asked why nobody called or showed up I was told they were very busy & understaffed & & the technician was eating lunch & would be over after he is done.When I asked when that would be I was told "do you want the appointment or not" I then asked him is that any way to talk to a customer. An argument proceeded after that.
Angela R.
Had an apt to fix a lock that is broken, Over two hours late for apt, I called to confirm someone was still coming. Man that came could not fix. A couple days later a manager came out and looked at it, said they could come back a third time the next day to fix.....tech called to confirm my apt for the following day. NO SHOWED on a Saturday...no call, no call still 5 days later. Would NOT recommend Super unprofessional, if you're running late totally fine, call or text...that's why we provide numbers. NEVER no show someone and not follow up. Moving on to the next company as my door is still broken---oh and I waited two weeks for the initial apt.
Terri M.
Really great company to work with! We had a major house fire and they were super helpful in helping us with opening a safe. Have also used them for making keys, installing Medco Locks. Excellent customer service by all of their staff!
Steve G.
I went to Rex because they had made me spare keys before. This time I only had the lock code, no key. They told me it would be $125. When I balked at the price, they changed it to $65. EasyKeys.com will send me two keys for $14 total.
Dana H.
I needed a new key for my car which required a computer chip in it. I went down to see these guys. Omar was the one that helped me. This guy went out to my car and looked at it, then he had the entire key made flawlessly in less than 10 minutes. I was on my way and the key works great. These guys are very good and I recommend them. They will get my business in the future.
Willa T.
Fast service. They returned quickly to cover warranty work later as well.
Roya B.
You really do get what you pay for! After a bonk on the head and a few brain cells lost on a Thursday afternoon, I locked my family out of our house because I figured that the weather was perfect to adopt a transient lifestyle (53 degrees, partly cloudy, 40% chance of rain). Well these guys promised me someone within 30 minutes. I got someone in 12. It took about 3 minutes and $125 to get back in my house and finish unboxing my new dishes. Here's to Rex Lock & Safe and a better brain for me!
Britton H.
Thanks for saving the day REX Lock & Safe!!! Quick, professional, and friendly service. After a few phone to various companies calls Rex Lock & Safe pulled through with the best rates and fasted response time. The receptionist is very sweet and got someone dispatched to me right away. The dude that showed up had a big smile and seemed to genuinely care about my situation which was comforting. Within 40 minutes from the time I called Rex Lock & Safe- I was l was back in business. Golden!
Shinies S.
This place was recommended by a hardware store to create a key using the code (number printed on the key) instead of the key because I locked my keys in my apartment when my roommate left and locked the door on me. They wanted $25 to make a single key!!! I asked why so expensive, and she just said "that's just our pricing, if you had the key it would be $2". I walked right out. I get that maybe it's more expensive to make one without the key but not that much more. The locksmith about half a mile down the street made me one for $8. Go to Concord Locksmith near todos santos plaza, way better pricing and super nice employees as well.
Chris S.
Called to change out a lock to a dial/keypad combo lock on a large safe in my home. I have heard that Rex Lock is very knowledgable about safes so they were my first call. The first technician that came out was nearly two hours late. I had to call Rex lock multiple times in order to try and figure out where he was. When he arrived he unboxed the safe lock, attempted the install, and gave up after about 20 mins. He said that someone else would need to come out and look at the lock because he "didn't have the right tools." A few days later, after receiving no follow up call from Rex, I called and set up another appointment. This time the tech showed up 45 minutes late but was at least more knowledgable. The tech got the lock on but could not figure out how to reset the keypad. He also said that the first tech misplaced a screw that was needed to fully attach the lock to the dial. He eventually did get the dial combination working and said that someone from Rex would call me to finish the job. I could now at least get in and out of my safe until the job was finished. A week later and I have still not received a call from Rex and the dial portion of the keypad is now not working. I'm now locked out of my safe. Avoid this company if possible.
Alex D.
Great professional service. Took a little longer then expected and they did cut me an extra key for free. Really customer service the way it should be. Thanks
Tami A.
Rex lock & key are terrible. I made a appt. for a 1 time visit for an estimate for security system. Not only did they not show up or even call me to tell me. A in-experienced young guy shows up 5 hours later, no ID to prove he is from Rex Lock & takes pictures of my existing system. He has not a clue what he is doing or has any knowledge of why he was there. I called them & mgr./ supervisor were to busy to talk with me. I will never do business with them.
Ravender J.
I needed a combination safe opened and updated to a electronic code pad. I called this morning and they offered me an appointment with a tech from 11am-1pm. I took that appointment and changed around my schedule I had planned for the day. 1:30pm rolls along and still a no show. I called them asked whats doing they said the tech is at lunch so should be there in 20-30 minutes. I waited around until 2:50pm still a no show. Call them again there guy got called into some other job and was on route to my house as we speak. Well I have to pick up my niece from school at 3:30pm! No time to wait around for them! Get a call at 3pm from there office saying there sorry and would have to reschedule this for Friday morning! Really?! Why offer an appointment window and be late for that with no communication at all! I had to call them twice to see what was up. I've done business with this shop before and they seem to know what there doing. But wasting my time on my day off is a bad business choice!
Darren H.
I found this timeless hidden gem key and locksmith shop after having a terrible experience at a key kiosk at K-Mart up the street.
Matt F.
Despite begin late for the appointment and not having the tools to finish the job I was told that they would finish the finish the job the same day on Friday, The problem is that the next day was Saturday, 1/14/1017 and despite being assured that someone would be available to finish the touches and take a few minutes to finish the the, the only one person that person that answered the phone said that they were closed until Monday. That would wouldn't make a problem except my job for the State of California was to delivery food and do cleaning for various disable people in San Francisco, mostly in San Francisco;s Tenderloin where security is not very good. I had to make alternative arrangement to cover my work which cost me over 400 dollars is far more than the cost of the fixing of the lock. I don't feel I got the work I paid for ad was lied about having the work done the next day. I would never choose these people and I didn't get my work since I would no longer do the work and pay someone else to do the work.
Karen N.
We phoned Rex Lock & Safe at 10 AM in the morning to help us make a key for our truck. We lost the keys and were frantic. We were told that a service tech would definitely be there to help us in 1.5 to 2 hours. We waited and waited. Then they phone us when they should of been there to tell us that they wouldn't be able to come (we were only a few miles from their location) until at the earliest 4pm. In the meantime another company came out and charged us an arm & a leg. I phoned Rex Lock & Safe today to complain and they could of cared less. I guess business is really good for them because their customer service stinks. I definitely wouldn't recommend this company if you want speedy service, helpful customer service & a fair deal.
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Tracy Lock & Safe Tracy, CA

125 W 11th St
Tracy, CA 95376
197743 years in business
Closed Now
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 3 hours 4 minutes
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Luis Aguilera
Gentleman that made my key was nice enough. Lady at counter was abrupt and not friendly. Like what do u want. But they made my keys so I would go back.
Karl Geser
Freindly helpful staff. Great place to have keys made.
Jose Zavala Jr
Scheduled a 9:00 am appointment and tech never showed up or called and 45 min later I called to find out what was going on then I was informed that the tech had another emergency call and would be another 45 min before he could come out . Never thought about a courtesy call to let me know instead stood me up and wasted my time . I would never call them again or refer them to anyone !!!
Patricia M.
called yesterday could not come out but made an apt to come today between 1 and 3 called at 245 to confirm and they said the could not make it. I took the day off work for a no show. Phone call would have been nice
mando 510
Very good price and fast service
corey c.
They drive like crap, a little Kia just cut me off over a triple yellowlined turn lane the suv is plastered in their logo. I hope they make keys better then they drive
Tony B.
The locksmith was able to cut a key from a blank I purchased online. It is a Honda motorcycle key, 3D for lack of a better description. Requires a special key machine that can cut on both sides of the blank. Their was a locksmith in Stockton that had the "special machine", but wouldn't cut it because it wasn't one of their blanks.
Steve C.
Just went in on my lunch to a key made and Dan (or don) really took care of me. Great customer service and very professional. He went above and beyond on our needs and exceeded my expectations. This is what keeps customers coming back.
Rob V.
I had the pleasure of meeting Russ this afternoon as I had locked myself out and needed a way back in. Russ more than provided that and actually saved me some money in not having to go to extreme measures (drilling) to provide re-entry. I would recommend you ask for his services if he's available. Best job accomplished!'
Judi F.
We called out Tracy Lock and Safe because our safe would not open. They said it would need to be drilled and they would have to come to our house to do that even though it is a small safe. For that, it would be $225. When the guy got here this morning he messed with the handle and was able to open the safe without drilling. It literally took him 10 mins if that. For that he charged us $225. Even though he did not have to drill the safe. Then he explained that last week he had an old couple that needed a trunk opened and they waited for him in the heat for 2 hours and then he just opened it with the coded key and charged them $350. He told the story as if he was so proud of ripping them off. Will never use this company again. BEWARE!
Eleanor G.
First time at Tracy Lock and Safe... I was a little apprehensive because of some of the reviews....I went in anyway to have an old key made...The young man in there was very helpful..He couldn't find the key I needed because the company didn't have it but he motified one and told me to try it and if it didn't work I would get my money back...He did a great job and the key worked....Thank you.
Angel M.
Don't go here . Bad customer service the old man who's tall and wears glasses made a copy of my key for my car . But he messed up and I payed $70 dollars!! That crazy just to make a copy of my car key. Anyways I go back ask for a refund the old man starts yelling at me saying "he did his job" but the key won't turn on my car. He denied my refund and said it's my fault since I didn't buy the key there. Keep in mind I'm 16 years old, and this old man started yelling at me saying I was trying to rip him off wtf? Never going here again. Everythings way overpriced and the employees are rude.
Mark M.
Beware of hidden charges. We had a lock that was sticking at our General Store in Redbridge. We called this company and they said they could be out the same day between 4 and 6PM. That sounded great but they did not show or call to reschedule. Next day we called again and they said that they would try and make it out today. They did show up and fixed the lock . A few weeks later we get the bill and it is for $190.00 which was $110.00 hourly rate and $80.00 for a trip charge. We are less than 4 miles from their downtown location. This is less than 8 round trip miles and we are paying $10.00 per mile for travel in the same City. I figured there had to be a mistake so I asked our Property Manager to clarify. She said that is what they charge and we are stuck with the charges. I looked on their website and they do not mention any pricing. This is because they charge you whatever they can get away with and is probably why they get terrible reviews. We will not be doing business with this company ever again.
Kurt R.
My car suddenly had a warning -"Change The Key Battery"-I was afraid I'd have a car I couldn't get into late tonight. I don't live in Tracy so I don't know the local auto dealer or the locksmiths. I tried Tracy Lock & Safe. They weren't familiar with my specific "key"- actually a keyless remote. But, they suggested how I could open it to swap the battery. They didn't want to risk damaging the remote. With their coaching I opened the remote. They had a replacement battery in stock, and they slipped in the battery - I probably would have broken the battery clips if I did it myself. So, in five minutes I got the battery replaced, learned how to do it myself, and it only cost ten bucks-including my buying a spare battery. Fast, helpful, friendly, affordable.
Scott L.
Horrible service ! Actually I didn't even receive services ! I scheduled 3 days in advance, they rescheduled me twice.. And stood me up on the second reschedule!! Had me waiting all day until 8 pm ! No call.. No show.. No answer or reply when I called! Bad business if you ask me!
K W.
Was given bum information on certain products. Showed up to make a bug purchase (~2k) and they did not have the inventory on hand as they had said. Also, unable to answer questions on the product that they are an authorized dealer for. Do NOT recommend.
Tiffany O.
Horrible service. We were told a tech would be able to come to us in 30 minutes, and we waited over two hours and no one had shown up still. The tech sent us a text message saying he was running late because the last job was taking longer then expected, but when we originally talked to him he said he was on his way. After waiting 45 min he said he would be there in 10-15 min, but 30 min later we were still waiting. Called the dispatch number again and the lady was very rude they have multiple numbers to call and while trying to find another locksmith we called a different number that took us to their office. A supervisor answered this time promising someone would be there in 5 min so we continued waiting nd still no one showed up. They also told us the key was already cut which worries me that a key to my car is floating around somewhere. I would never use their services
Mike M.
Disappointing experience. Went to store and purchased a new lock and it was faulty. I called to find out what to do. They sent a tech who came out. I assumed he was making a courtesy call due to broken part. He saw lock was not working and fetched a replacement part and installed it, but I was not given an estimate for the work and was surprised by amount charged all because their lock was faulty. I suppose poor communication on both sides.
No Image

Tracy Lock & Key Tracy, CA

950 E 6th St
Tracy, CA 95376
200812 years in business
Closed Now
Tuesday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Tuesday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Wednesday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Friday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Saturday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Sunday 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Business will be opened in 1 hour 4 minutes
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Daniel W.
This is the worst business ever!! The locksmith wouldn't give me the keys after he installed the locks! I had to call the police to get the keys!! This locksmith threw my keys outside my house! Anyone could have picked them up!!! I want to give this business "0" stars - but there wasn't an option for 0 stars!!!
Kaila O.
I regret calling these people. And if i have known any better i would have search around. But I really didn't have the opportunity because before agreeing on the services the technician was already on his way. Mind you i only gave my address to get a better quote. Opening the car took less than 3 minutes. I asked for the price and was told it was going to cost me 200 dollars. Like many of you i was told 35 plus 14 for service. I refused to pay. The technician use words like "stop being so difficult" "you have a really nice house" she must be tight with money. When speaking to his manager. Very unprofessional and honestly left me feeling worried. When i called the dispatcher about the situation he mentioned that he did not know who went over to my house. Now this is where things get weird. I spoke to the "manager" who then said he wasn't the manager to tell me that it was up to his technician that makes the decision of the price. While the technician tells me that its up to his manager. At this point I told them to take 100 dollars or leave it. very frustrating experience, and will continue calling until this issue is resolved!
Isabelle L.
If I could rate them with less then one start, I would. We bought a new home-based and requested them 3 days in advance for a lock change. They called midday to reschedule the time, and we accepted a later time. However, it was evident at 8pm they were not going to show up, call us, or even answer our call. They are clearly unprofessional. For just a little bit more, there are many options in the area and they will actually service your home.
Cody C.
Horrible company, I called on 07-06-2016 at 11am to get a rekey for my car, got a called back in about 20mins guy on the phone said he would be by to rekey my car by 5pm. I waited until 530pm to call them to make sure someone was still coming by. Guy then tells me he will be another hour and wouldnt quote me a price over the phone for any service just said if he shows up its a 30 dollar service charge even if i decide to decline any services. I wait a full hour and and still nobody shows up. I got my brother to drive me into town to their so called "office " drove to their address displayed on thier website 1849 W 11th St Tracy, CA THIS ADDRESS DOES NOT EXIST. if you put it into your gps it takes you to the safeway shopping center in Tracy and tells you thier bussiness is next to Jules Veterinary. Total sham. Long story short i waited from 11am to 9pm for someone to show up called multiple times. Ended up calling another locksmith company.
Yossi R.
Sweeeet, would like to share with you guys that it was a really great experience this morning. I got stuck out of my car and the technician Johnny from Tracy Lock & Key came after 15 mins as they promised over the phone. Basically he save me a lot of money cause another company told me it's gonna cost double cause we need to change the all ignition but lucky me Johnny just fix it and now everything works just fine. Cool mate, thank you guys!!! Jos
Gen R.
DO not use this company. I repeat do not use this company. Very unprofessional! Also, not to mention they lie about their prices & I think every number online leads to the same representative and each time he answered he was a complete a* hole. As a smart consumer I always shop around and get different prices unfortunately for me Tracy, CA sucks as far as options go. I called several numbers and the same guy kept answering and he kept changing his price. So to call him out on his bs I told him his website said $35.00 while he was quoting me $250.00. And he was still full of S@&$ . If I could I would put 0 stars but I HAVE to put at least one. Finally, I WOULD NOT trust a person to come into my home after being treated with so much disrespect. Btw: I ended up unlocking the door by myself with a card. (saved myself $250.00 and he lost around $50.00 so whos the loser tracy lock and key?). If anyone needs to know how to do that in the tracy area. Let me know and i'll tell you so you don't have to use this piece of poop to help you.
Lisette V.
This company is very unprofessional I called they said they would be 20-30 min 45 min passed I called and they said they were 5 min away. Another 15 passed they said there car over heated. When I would call they would forward my calls or turn there phones off. This place doesn't deserve any service. At least be professional enough to call your customers and let them know what's going on.
Jessica D.
I worked for picksquad nation wide lead services which has a billion different names for the same business. The owner shai aka sean has an uncountable number of websites with different locksmith adds nationwide. Each page has a different number on it which when you called would go to me. I would answer the calls take down your address number and name give you the quote of 14 for service fee and 35 to fix a lock unless it was a car then te.minimum would be 120.00. I started noticeing things werent right when i would get calls from clients saying that they had an appointment but no one was there. I snet the techs the message so many times how could they not know.. then i got calls from customers claiming our tech charged them 200 dollars to unlock their front door. The quote i gave the womans husband was 35.00. She said the tech wrote down the phone number to that office. Sketchy! Not only do they lie and rip off their customers but they lie and rip off their dispatchers. They called one day asking for my info so they could fill out my w 2 form. I told them i had to do that and they said no theyre with the tax lady so i gave it to them. Shai promise monday morning i would sign it and review it. A week went by still no w 2 form. Then he decidedto tell me if i wanted to keep my job and get paid i had to open a new bank account through bank of america and give him the info for direct deposite. I said no thank you since he already has my other personal info. My first check was for 360. I worked 7 days in a row 8 hours each day for 10 dollars an hour no break. He said the tax lady did the math.. then when i go to the bank the check got declined so he paid me 400$ in cash. Today i walked in and read all te yelp reviews aloud to him and told him its unacceptable. He Said he does not care. When shai aka sean the owner says he will be in the office at 9 expect him to be there at 1. When he says he will email a client their confirmation expect to get an angry call back from them. When you get a check from him expect it to be declined. When you acceot a job from him expect to hear a couple recorded calls and then be there all alone for 8 hours. When you answer shais phone service expect to have to lie to the clients or walk out with no job. Unreliable technicians, false advertisement, lying to clients, and over charging. I cant work for a company like this. Im dont venting.
Harry W.
We look up online for Local locksmith Manteca, first site had #209 544-1100. They stated a tech would be out in an hour. When no one arrived, called back then they stated who be here in 15 minutes. waited another hour, called again, they stated tech had flat tire and would be here. he did arrive but we had cancealed and called another Company He was insentient that he could repair lock. They originally stated $35.00 to fix. Then he stated it would be $150.00. Told him the 2nd Company stated $125.00 for a new lock. He then stated he would do it for $75.00 cash. We agreed. He install another lock and it worked. They gave us only 1 key and stated exact keys would be $5.00 each. We declined. We went to Home Depot and they made them for $1.84 each. Owner came to our shop Saturday and unlock door but the new lock just came out.. Contacted Company Monday morning, said someone would ne out in an hour. It was 2 plus hours later. The tech said basically it was our fault, the threads on cylinder were stripped. He said his company was Tracy Lock and Key. They have different telephone number. NEVER USE COMPANY THAT SAYS MANTECA LOCKSMITH, PICKSQUAD LOCKSMITH, FRENCH CAMP LOCKSMITH,LOCKASMITH TRACY AND SEVERAL OTHER CITIES with similar names. The tech came out in an old compact car with no name of Company on it.
Elberta K.
My garage door got stuck last night and I couldn't open it. I called Sean and he told me he will be at my place in 25 minutes. He got to my place in less than 20 minutes and got my door fixed in 10 minutes also did a free servicing to backyard locker. Very courteous and professional. Did a clean job.
Susie P.
I called and they did send someone out right away but the price was way different than what I was quoted. Our door from the dining room to the garage would not open the tech said this is a tough job I don't think I can open the door, I will only only charge you the fee to come out which is $14.00. I have other jobs to go to. He said it will cost $150.00 for me to open the door and put a new lock on. (Again, he just said he could not open the door). We said that was too much money so then he said $100.00 cash. We needed to get in the garage so we said okay. Never again!!! He put a new lock on the door opened it with no problem, just lied all the way around. Just called him he did not leave keys for our door lock and he said that would have cost $150.00. We are thinking of suing them anyone want to join us?
Hai N.
Very attentive to each customers request while I was waiting for my turn in line. He made sure everything was taken care of w the customer before he rang them up and moved forward. I needed my lock repinned and it took him less than 5 minutes. Keys worked perfectly w no jamming up.
R Z.
PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE! JUST LIKE THE OTHER REVIEWS HAVE STATED - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! Over the phone we were told that it would be $50. We made sure to ask if there were any other charges - the lady on the phone said no, just $50. When the technician came to our location it ended being $120. The technician stated the price varies depending on the difficulty and the dispatcher should have told us this. That makes no sense! We should have been quoted a price prior to services being provided. The whole company seems incredibly shady - the invoice said "pick squad" but the name of the company is listed as "tracy lock & key". Didn't get a good feeling at all. Hopefully we can take some action against this unethical company.
Sarah M.
Ridiculous! Do not waste your time with these people. I called to get a quote for having a lock re-keyed. I was told it would be $14 for the service call and $25 per lock. I had two locks that I needed done so $64 was what I was quoted. I thought it was a great price and I went ahead and made an appointment. The tech shows up and goes over what I need and quotes me some ridiculous price. $14 for the service call which was fine, $35 per lock and $75 dollars for an hour of labor! Nobody said anything about that in the original quote and I was quoted $25 not $35. I needed this done however, it was time sensitive. I called the supervisor to discuss the fact that I was not given an accurate quote and I am still waiting for her to call me back because conveniently she was not in. It gets worse, the tech needed to run back to the shop to get a replacement part because I guess they don't come prepared and he says it will be about 20 minutes. He was gone for more than 30 minutes. I told him that I refused to pay for more time because he was gone. I think he would have charged more otherwise. This appointment was only supposed to take an hour and it ended up taking almost 2 hours. I was pissed. Oh and another issue, the thing they use to process credit card payments was broken so I had to go and get cash to pay for this. I mean things were already a pain and now you can't process my card on top of that. Yeah I am wondering if he pocketed any of that money. I am not going to drop this I am still going to keep contacting the supervisor until I get this resolved because it is ridiculous to mislead customers but not giving accurate quotes. Don't go with this place though. They are shady and care about ripping people off and wasting their time.
Mark D.
Not sure about last review but I called and yes the receptionist was a little unsure of the price not to be shady but because she didn't have all the lock information etc. She did put me in touch with a locksmith named Sean who was very professional and polite, so I would recommend asking for him. He's fair in price based on another other quote in fact he matched it, but was able to be there sooner. This was critical in that we just got back from vacation hungry and tired kids, so time was of the essence.
Adrien B.
This company is sketch! I paid $200 dollars to get my car key replaced, the guy looked like he didn't know what he was doing, broke my passenger lock, and is now trying to say it was already broken, they won't fix it or reimburse me which is complete crap! Do not go to them unless you want more damage done to your car, we are currently waiting to hear from our lawyer.
Kar L.
Seems kinda shady. Tried to get a lock rekeyed and couldn't get a straight answer to why it would cost up to $200. It was $35 per lock, which then went to a total of $160 for 2 locks. Sorry doesn't compute. When asked why the price jump, I got varying answers which seemed like the tech was just making it up. Also, the tech was not identified as a rep from the company. No identifying placards on his vehicle, no ID shown. When I called their dispatch, I was told the prices are at the discretion of the tech. Okay, if legit, but this seemed pretty arbitrary. Didn't get a good feeling about the whole deal. No thanks.
Leland M.
***READ BEFORE CONTACTING THEM*** This is NOT the actual tracy locksmith shop, they are reliable. Go to them before these guys. Pay double if you have to, trust me its worth it. These guys rekeyed my bike but the guy had NO CLUE what he was doing. After nearly four hours of him working on my bike he was still clueless. He took of my bike's ignition and forks and when he put the ignition back he misplaced a bolt. A couple months later I noticed the ignition was missing a bolt. Not long after that the ignition fell through and locked up my forks causing me to crash my bike. This locksmith could have cost me my life. I intend to take legal action and will update if I do. Apart from just that, he ruined two blanks I paid for. I now have three keys that only work in one direction and have to be wiggled into place. The ignition had no issues before. If this review is hidden or placed in the unhelpful section I will contact yelp and make sure this review can be seen. People need to be aware of this company.
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Master Key Lock Stockton, CA

811 Cowell Way
Stockton, CA 95209
20119 years in business
Closed Now
Tuesday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 3 hours 4 minutes
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Premier Locksmith Services Tracy, CA

1005 E Pescadero Ave
Tracy, CA 95304
200812 years in business
Additional number: (956) 714-3300
Closed Now
Tuesday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
(Full week)
Monday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Tuesday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Wednesday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Thursday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Friday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Saturday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Sunday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Business will be opened in 2 hours 4 minutes
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Connolly’s Locksmith & Safe Services Stockton, CA

1140 Waterloo Rd
Stockton, CA 95205
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P. P.
I brought a Bluetooth door locking device and Connolly's was able to convert the locking mechanism to my old home key that is compatible to my other door entrance. I called the other locksmiths and they just said "no" when it came to modern locking system.
David S.
I just had my front door re-keyed. I walked in and was surprised how fast it was done and they did it at a reasonable price....... Can't ask for anything more than that
Rick R.
This is the 2nd time I used Connolys Kocksmith. The owner was very nice and professional and most importantly very competent. They get 2 thumbs up. I highly recomnend this business.
Tom A.
I tried contacting other locksmiths in the Stockton area. Most did not answer my calls or the messages I left. Connolly's answered my call right away and explained to me the ins and outs of chipped car keys and quoted me a better price than I could find in my online searches. Friendly, courteous service, small shop, locally owned, been there 20 years+. This is a small, local business that earns your trust and deserves your patronage. This store will get all my lock and key business from now on.
Cara M.
This place is wonderful, they are always there to help! My car key broke in half and they were able to make a key out of the two pieces! Our entire family uses them and has forever!! Thanks guys for always being there to help and the keys always fitting!!
Jim G.
These Guys are Great. They know their business & even have a few Bad Jokes. I might go there only a Few times a year, But they always remember me. Priced right too..... Jim- Owner of " The Gordon Toy Company & Party Store...........
J T.
After going to Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace and then a mobile locksmith trying to get a door key made for my RV. I then decided to try Yelp. This was the closest locksmith to my house. Went there and he had the key blank that the other places did not have. Convenient place, its in the same strip mall as Harbor Freight. Thanks
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Preferred Lock And Key Tracy, CA

320 Lopez Ln
Tracy, CA 95376
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Ryan B.
Lance is s true professional! He is honest, was on time and efficient. I would refer Preferred Lock and Key to any of my friends. I needed 3 exterior handles replaced all with deadbolts. Another locksmith said I needed to buy the handle-set with deadbolt combo and my total would be $500. Lance offered a better solution; re-key the deadbolts to match the new handles. He saved me a ton of money with his honesty.
Heidi J.
Outstanding customer service!!!!!! Lance provided the best customer service I have experienced in my 50 years. He allowed me to reschedule my appointment at he last minute, accommodated me on the weekend with no additional fee and was highly professional throughout the entire transaction. I needed three locks re keyed at my father's home and he told me up front what he would do, how he would do it and exactly how much it would cost and why....to the penny. He was prompt, arriving few minutes early and was very efficient in his work. He was meticulous about wiping off the edges of the door and polishing the door knobs before completing his work. I will call in them again and recommend him highly to my family and friends.
Eva a.
Excellent!! On time, very professional, very helpful and definitely knows his stuff! I would refer him to anyone and use his services again without a doubt.
SetTheBarHi S.
Lance was right on time, and very courteous. He changed several locks/deadbolts in our home to electronic keypad locks. He showed me how everything worked when he was done...complete professional! My husband says it's one of the best improvements we ever did! Thank you Lance!
Pooja A.
Great service and very courteous. I needed to rekey some locks and Lance was able to come the same day. In fact he could come in sooner than earlier quoted and had the work done really fast. Highly recommend him !
Sareena G.
There is a reason to why everyone has given this business such great reviews! Lance was quick and professional. We needed to get our warehouse rekeyed and he was able to accommodate us the same day!
A G.
They say that most people aren't kind or good hearted anymore but Lance is amazing! He installed all new locks in our new home so we only had to use one key instead of many. He was quick and efficient and very professional. He also came I. Short notice which was so helpful with it move date changing multiple times. I am also a small business owner and ran into some issues with passing my fire clearance due to inadequate door handles and I called Lance for help and advice. He spent most of his day on the phone trying to find exactly what I needed and is jumping through hoops to get me what I need by my deadline. I will never use another company and will be referring Preferred Lock and Key to all my family and friends!
Michael A.
Lance came out on a day's notice and completed the job efficiently. I moved into a new home and needed all the locks re-keyed. He was able to give me a quote over the phone and was able to fix an interior door striker issue that I asked him to do while he was there. Nice guy, quick service and all 7 locks use the same key, which is nice. Highly recommend.
Alex T.
I've used this Locksmith twice in two years to do lock changes after a tenant moves out. I'm not sure if their prices are in line with competition or a bit higher, but when I needed a locksmith the first time, I called several locksmiths, and Lance was the one that was most easily accessible and available on the day and time I needed the job done. I just did a tenant move out, and a tenant move in on the same day, and everything seemed to go wrong. Then a friend asked me, "something must've turned about as planned" I replied, "yes, my locksmith was on time, on budget, and all the locks and keys work"
Paul G.
On time and affordable. Made my life a bit less hectic by having one less thing to do moving into my new house. Thanks Lance
Dana G.
Bad Service super expensive be careful i got charged $250 to open my house and it was a simple lock too
Scott K.
Showed up on time was professional and polite, and did the work asked of him. What more can you ask? Will use again without hesitation.
Fred H.
On time, excellent service. All previous reviews are on the dot. I'm recommending this to my friends. Great work Lance
Michael P.
Just had the lock installed and it was quick and friendly service Thank you Lance
Jennifer T.
I had a very good experience using Lance's services to re-key all the locks in my new home. We were leaving on vacation and one of our deadbolts had broken. He worked me into his schedule to accommodate our need to have this done before we left, was prompt, professional, upfront and accurate with price estimates. Don't hesitate to use this business, he's earning his reviews!
Ken R.
Lance was Awesome. I called to get an estimate, I heard what I liked. He told me the time he would be at my home, he was right on time! Really professional clean cut guy. Made him easy to trust, he was really quick, he also proved to me at each lock the the old key no longer worked and the new keys did, and when it was time to pay the bill! The estimate actually matched the bill!!! No hidden fees or add ons. I really recommend him, all positives!
i was locked out of my house. contacted this locksmith, he got there quickly and got me into my house in a matter of minutes! very professional. i would recommend them to everyone.
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Modesto Locksmith Modesto, CA

3326 McHenry Ave
Modesto, CA 95350
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Peter C.
Best service in town, Gene knows what he's doing, been doing it for years. You can't beat experience, top notch work at reasonable prices. Gene has saved me money more than once.
Heather P.
Gene, I'm not even sure you deserve a STAR, but this program will not recognize my comment without at least 1. Call it courtesy of me!!!! Anyhow, Gene with Modesto Locksmith at (209) 521-1668, was exceptionally rude to me today. I was requesting a price quote... he started shooting off prices. I asked for a grand total... He said I am working you do the math and hung up on me. Ummm I was wondering about tax, extra keys and such. He was very unprofessional and simply rude. I've never been mistreated by a company ever in my entire life like this. Hello buddy... it's CustomerService that pays YOUR bills. If you're inherently rich, or hate your job... perhaps servicing the public isn't your thing... ugh. So unpleasantly surprised by such ill behavior!!! Have a nice day!!!
Steve C.
We are very happy with Modesto Locksmith. He is the nicest guy with very pleasant personality. He fixed our lock that has been and issue for years and repaired it like new. To top it off he made us extra keys and didn't even charge us for them. Perfect mobile service.
Stephanie F.
They were so fast and affordable. I'm so happy I called them! I called because I needed the whole place re-Keyed. They came out super fast, and had it done so quick! While they were here he noticed that my door had issues shutting, (it had bugged us for years) he fixed the issue and now it shuts perfectly! I am so happy with the speedy and thoughtful service!
Jeanette R.
True to his word. This is a good business. I would recommend them to anybody. It's refreshing now days when people and businesses do what they say they are going to do. I recommend Modesto Locksmith based on my dealings with the owner, Gene. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and tell all my friends.
C B.
The ORIGINAL Modesto Locksmith, Gene Mota is outstanding! We needed to quickly change the locks at my elderly grandmother's house, called for an appointment and Gene came right out that afternoon. The locks worked perfectly and the cost was very reasonable. We made a mistake and missed a lock on a back door, called Gene the next day and he was on a huge job out of town (he didn't think he could make it that day), but he called back and made a special trip out that night to be sure we felt safe. Now that's what I call excellent customer service (something very rare these days)! I wish I could give him more than 5 stars!
Chris F.
I pick this place over all others. Gene is very personable and quick. Amazing customer service, and extremely prompt and efficient. Affordable price as well. The company is no longer located on McHenry Ave, but they are mobile and come to any location. The phone number is still accurate.
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ASAP Locksmith Lathrop, CA

1256 W Lathrop Rd
Lathrop, CA 95330
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Shelby S.
I lost my keys one night and these guys were soooo helpful to me after Triple a recommended me to them. The locksmith and the man whom I spoke to over the phone were the best I've dealt with! The pricing was reasonable and the amount of time it took to do the job was super quick. I appreciate these people and I highly recommend them to anyone needing locksmith services.
Taylor F.
I am very forgetful and often lock myself out of my car. I have used many locksmiths. I found this guy here on Yelp and he responded very fast. His price was great and cheapest I've ever been quoted. He had my car unlocked quickly and got out to me in 30 min as quoted.
Guerito L.
If you wanna get overcharged and disrespected these are the guys for you! Would give em 0 stars if possible. Called em after getting locked out and they were rude to me over the phone, they even laughed at me. Thats no way to treat a prospect or customer. I called the person right below them on the Yelp search and they quoted me $25 less. And were polite. If you want quick, cheap and great service hit up A-1 Keyway. They're the spot I hit up right after the rude call and my experience with them was night and day in comparison.
Dr. G.
Man what a life saver!!! I googled mobile locksmiths on a Saturday at 7pm and Stanley "STAN DA MAN" answered the phone on the first ring and was at my residence by 7:19! Had my front door unlocked in about 5 minutes!! My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day was over in less than 30 minutes!!! On top of all that he even made me a spare key as a courtesy! Can't thank you guys enough!!!! THANK YOU ASAP LOCKSMITH!!!! AND STAN!!!!
Benny F.
Came out. And did what else OTHER LOCKSMITHS couldn't do. In less than hour. Got straight to business. And got it done. No play. That's what I call fucking service, after THREE others didn't have a clue about and fucked up.
Melissa R.
I was referred to this locksmith by a good family friend after he had his car ignition changed and keys reprogrammed. I have an SUV that had its key stuck in the ignition switch. Called and got a quote from the locksmith and was told that they were going to come out Monday. I called Monday and got no response. I get a call a few days later and was told that I was out of the area and that someone else usually gets sent out. So much for good customer service. I won't be calling this locksmith again.
Amanda G.
I have had a great experience with this locksmith and only a fraction of the costs of anywhere else I've checked. I legit spent 25% of what everywhere else was quoting me for my locksmith needs. He is quick and thorough and appreciate him helping me out when my car keys disappeared and were later found at someone else's residence. So not only did he make and and program a key for me, but a month later when all my keys were in one location he reprogrammed my keys for my car. Great service. Great cost. Will continue to call him for the rest of my needs.
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